By Steve Moran

Nursing videos are the third most popular professional videos on TikTok, according to a recent report by

Why you should care: The best way to hire nurses is to be where nurses are. TikTok videos are easy to create. The platform is all about storytelling, and senior living has lots of amazing stories.

Going deeper: According to the report, posts with a hashtag related to nursing (e.g. #nurse) have been viewed 41.7 billion times, for a total of more than 400 million hours of watch time. If you want success on TikTok here is what the experts recommend:

  1. You need a strategy.
  2. Post regularly, ideally once a day.
  3. Create interesting, funny, heartwarming videos.
  4. Don’t neglect the quality of your sound, always the hardest part to get right.
  5. Use trending hashtags.
  6. Promote your TikToks on other social media channels — repost them as Facebook shorts.
  7. Feature pets and children.
  8. Try doing a lip sync.

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