Yesterday’s article titled Nursing Homes a national disgrace really ticked off some readers. Was I too harsh? My relfections

  Last evening I published an article titled “Nursing Homes . . . a National Disgrace” and it really put me in the dog house with some of my readers.  You can see some of those reactions in the comments section and others came to me in the form of private e-mails and unsubscribes from my mailing list.   

Three things happened:

  1. The article will end-up being my most read article in the first 24 hours after publication.
  2. I had a number of long-term subscribers unsubscribe from the website, in anger, disgust, disagreement . . . something over the article.
  3. I received a handful of emails with complaints about the article.  These complaints included some mild name calling.

  There were two things that didn’t happen that also surprised me:

  1. There were very few public comments for an article as “explosive” as this either positive or negative.
  2. Until very late in the day, those who complained, did not explain what they disagreed with, they only wanted to tell me I was an uninformed jerk.