By Steve Moran

The Foresight team has been sold out on video for a long time. We were the first senior living outlet to livestream on LinkedIn. We were the first, or one of the first, to use video content on LinkedIn. We have Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok channels, though we recognize that for the audience, LinkedIn is our primary channel.

We continue to evolve our video creation skills — something that is being driven by the talented Rachel Hill and Jada Clint.

At the upcoming Senior Living Executive Conference, we will be creating a bunch of content — and gathering the entire Foresight team to spend a couple of days after the conference creating content.

Massive Followings

It seems like every week I come across another senior living TikTok or Instagram channel that has viral videos with hundreds of thousands to millions of views. And followers in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Here are a few examples (more TikTok than Instagram, because they are easier to search for):

What is particularly fascinating about these wildly popular senior living social accounts is that for the most part, each was started by one person who was not particularly strategically placed in the organization but who was in love with creating social media content, and the corporate structure allowed them to create with flair.

Got Milk?, Grassroots Style

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about how senior living needs a Got Milk? style campaign to promote the benefits and joys of senior living. It has never happened, because it is an expensive endeavor, and we are a pretty fragmented industry with some overlapping but some competing interests.

But what has evolved is a grassroots style Got Milk? campaign that is making senior living look really good as a place for older people to have a great aging experience — and for team members to have a good paying job that makes the world a better place.

Be a Part of the Movement

This is the way to make senior living look great in the public eye. It is more powerful and more dominant than the Washington Post or any other — every other — media outlet. Find someone in each of your communities who is already in love with social media and content creation. Give them the time and the resources to begin creating.

Most important!!!

Get out of their way. If you force them to get approval of everything they do — if it takes a process to get anything published — it will fail. Trust your team. They really do want to make their community, their organization, and you as their leader look good. It takes time, and some things won’t work. There will be some failures. There may even be some things that make you cringe.

Look at each of those creators listed above, and you will find that some of the stuff they post does not do all that well. No one has really been able to figure out how to go viral all of the time.

Get started today.