By Leigh Ann Hubbard

“‘I use briefs as part of my sales differentiator’ — sounds a little weird.”

                                                                                                                  — Steve Moran, Senior Living Foresight founder

Steve’s right. It sounds weird.

But it works.

Here’s why.

How We Got Here

It was the bottles of water that convinced her.

Two years ago, Carrie Vick, Strive Senior Living president, watched Deanna Vigliotta, of Seni (a Foresight partner), pour bottle after bottle into a brief that was laying on a table.

No leaks.

“I looked at that and thought, if my residents could be that comfortable after having to do something that’s uncomfortable, then I needed to [get those products],” Carrie said in a recent interview with Senior Living Foresight founder Steve Moran.

Strive has been using them ever since.

The Brief Differentiator

Seni’s products result in fewer changes and healthier skin. Life-changing. So Strive started talking about the briefs in their sales discussions! Here’s how:

  • They compiled all their incontinence care into one category so they could present prospects with a total continence care program.
  • They promote this program when discussing levels of care.
  • They explain the “huge array of options” residents get, from day briefs they can handle themselves to night briefs that take heavier flow (fewer changes!).

Here’s Carrie talking about it:

Preventing Staff Turnover

If you thought “briefs as differentiator” sounded strange, how about this: briefs for staff retention.

Seni provides expert training, so the caregivers learn about the products too. They know that the briefs help prevent skin breakdown, so skin remains healthier — fewer wellness concerns. And less changes means happier staff and fewer worker comp issues.

Bottom line, Strive Senior Living’s continence care program …

  • Sets them apart from competitors
  • Shows their commitment to resident dignity and quality of life
  • Shows staff that Strive cares about them enough to cut out excess work
  • Allows caregivers to spend time on more meaningful duties, like companionship

Those are some powerful briefs!

To learn about other Seni benefits, check out the full interview.

You can even let your residents try Seni products for free and tell you what they think! See if it makes a difference in their lives — and if it might make a meaningful differentiator for you.