By Steve Moran

The book Compassionomics is written by two physicians, Stephen Trzeciak a Anthony Mazzarelli. In it, they take a look at five studies that strongly suggest that even tiny (less than a minute) compassionate interactions can have a marked and measurable impact on patients with serious medical conditions, even 6 months after the interaction.

These interactions reduced patient anxiety and improved emotional well-being, and typically they were only 40 seconds long.

If this is true for patients who are struggling with significant health issues, in some cases fighting for their very life, what would 40 seconds of compassion mean to your team members, your residents, your family members . . . your prospects?

What It Would Look Like?

It seems odd, but deliberately engaging in even small acts of compassion will feel uncomfortable. It will involve some risk-taking. And it may even cause some people to feel uncomfortable and react in negative ways because what you are doing is so rare.

But walk around your community and ask residents and your team members how they are doing and if there is anything you can do for them. Ask about their kids, their weekend, and then listen.

If you really want to be blown away, spend some compassion time on your vendors.

What It Will Do?

The first thing it will do is make you feel better, feel happy. It will make your life less stressful and your leadership less stressful. It will also change the way you think about and interact with your team, residents, and family members.

Then, it will make your team members glad they are working for your organization, for your community, and for you as a boss. It will make your residents feel better about living in your community and about their lives. Your residents will complain less and support more. Your families will love you and recommend you.

If you do this for your vendors, they will go the extra mile for you anytime you need it.

It is a simple thing but it can change the world.

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