Sage Age offers some thoughts on how to pull off great marketing events.

The increasing importance of an effective online marketing and sales strategy in our industry is undeniable, but embracing this evolution at the expense of face to face events can be a fatal mistake.   Successful companies know that blending both approaches is the correct combination that opens the door to effective public relations and the attainment of occupancy goals. Success in our industry has always been predicated on building strong relationships and trust.  While companies like Amazon and Hertz can build customer relationships, trust and loyalty with little to no interpersonal contact, and this seems to work for them, industries like senior housing cannot.  While a cohesive online presence via website development, search engine optimization, electronic communication and virtual marketing has become an invaluable tool in a well-rounded sales arsenal; maintaiVALS12174552103_1e54ba2d3d_owebning strong investments in event-related public relations will always be paramount. William McClain, MBA, Strategic Branding & Communications Specialist for Sage Age Strategies, a Senior Housing Forum Partner, puts it this way, “If you’re seeking to connect with your customers in a memorable way, nothing beats the personal touch that public events can deliver”.  In an increasingly impersonal “virtual” world, public events provide a unique opportunity for ‘real’ interaction with your customers, giving them a chance to experience first-hand all the wonderful tangibles they can only read about on your website or in your brochure. Special events offer your customers and referral sources the opportunity to meet your staff, hear your stories, ask questions, develop relationships and ‘kick the tires’ of your brand. By their very nature, community-based events promote human interaction. With the right people, planning, organization and execution, public events can be a powerful tool for inspiring trust and confidence —two things that are essential to making the sale, particularly among today’s increasingly discerning adult children who want to ‘feel good’ about the decision.” A well-planned and executed event offers a uniquely interactive and personalized means of building positive awareness, delivering your key messages first hand, answering important questions and bonding with your potential customers, donors and referral sources.

The Photos are from two highly successful grand opening events with the leadership teams of InpiredLiving at Sarasota (Florida) and Bridgepointe at Ashgrove Woods (Kentucky).

Br.157webWhen asked about the place of special events within a community’s marketing and sales strategy, Adrienne Mansfield, Sage Age Strategies’ Director of Client Services, Traditional & Online Media, said, “Our experience has been that public events can add a unique luster to your brand by increasing customer engagement, building confidence, fostering trust-based relationships and generating favorable word of mouth—things that are more easily accomplished with the benefit of face-to-face interactions.” Companies like Sage Age Strategies understand the value and importance of public events to growth-oriented senior living communities. They can provide the experience and strong organizational skills required to ensure that the myriad of event planning details are handled with meticulous care to ensure a successful outcome.   In the senior living arena, where personal trust and confidence are of vital importance, hosting community events and seminars has proven to be an excellent strategy for personal engagement and relationship building with your key target audiences.   Sage Age also works with clients to develop outreach strategies and detailed special events plans that attract prospects, convert attendees into clients and boost a community’s reputation with referral sources, donors and potential partners. Sage Age Strategies even offers detailed event management including invitations, venues, food, logistics and more.  Whether your public event or seminar is designed for 50 or 500 people, Sage Age Strategies has experienced planners and specialists who can make your event a memorable one. Services include:

  • Idea generation
  • Theme creation
  • Program and agenda development
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Invitations and RSVP management
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Speech and script writing
  • Gifts and promotional giveaways

On-site logistical support For more information on results-based event planning for your community, contact Adrienne Mansfield, Director of Client Services, Traditional & Online Media for Sage Age Strategies at (570) 601-1720 or visit them on the web at

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