By Fara Gold

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While we celebrate veterans in senior living communities with Walls of Honor and Veterans Day ceremonies, Brondell (a Senior Living Foresight Partner) helps veterans heal and recover from their combat injuries, often catastrophically debilitating, by providing their bidet toilet seats to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, Maryland.

WRNMMC is the nation’s largest and most renowned joint military medical center. Dubbed The Nation’s Medical Center, it serves military beneficiaries in the Washington, D.C. area as well as those from across the country and around the globe. It is known as the first destination in the continental United States to care for the wounded, ill, and injured from global conflicts.

Brondell’s dedication to caring and serving today’s aging and wounded veterans extends beyond the hundreds of bidet seats they’ve provided to the VA through their partnership with Liftseat ( and WRNMMC rehabilitation apartments, but also by providing complimentary bidet toilet seats through Mission Plus One ( and T-Shirts for Troops ( to get vets back into their homes after combat injuries.

Healing wounded warriors is more than physical. Often our own aging veteran residents experience life-long pain and suffering from injuries sustained long ago. The variety of features the Brondell bidet toilet seat provides offers the best in private and personal hygiene and toileting care. Heated seats with soothing water jets that provide washing and drying functions, clean and dry wounded and aging warriors to enhance their healing, improve their independence, dignity, and continence care.

“All of the cleaning functions provide . . . a cleaning that they would not be able to get themselves . . . it was really nice getting an electronic device, figuring out how it works on my own and not having to contact my daughter to show me how to operate it . . . especially this device.”

Veteran in Minnesota

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Consider residents living with continence care challenges, frustrated and dependent upon others to clean and care for their toileting needs. Today, Brondell bidet toilet seats offer a practical solution to eliminating the last task caregivers want to complete and removing the shame and indignity residents often experience waiting for reluctant caregivers to help them with their toileting. Give back to your residents the independence and wellness they desire and families demand.

To see how the Brondell bidet toilet seat works, watch this video.

To learn more about Brondell bidet toilet seats for your senior living community, reach out to Chris N. Grimes, Commercial Sales Manager, ([email protected], 628-800-7330) or visit their website.