By Jack Cumming

Technology depends on products. It’s easy to imagine technological solutions, but without hardware or software to make imagination reality, nothing happens. When we think of hardware, we think of gadgets, and there are those among us who love gadgets. I’m one of them.

Most gadgets that my wife and I try out, go nowhere. They may be fun for a day or two, but then they quickly fall out of use. So, when we encounter a gadget that endures and makes a difference in people’s lives, we are pleasantly surprised.

Here’s our latest success for senior housing. has come out with a surveillance unit that replaces the existing peephole in residential unit doors. What’s nice is that it works seamlessly with the Amazon Echo Show. A simple, “Alexa, show me the front door” gives a view of what’s happening outside. Think of how reassuring that can be for a resident who has grown fearful with advancing age.

Moreover, a simple Alexa command allows a frail resident to answer a ring at the door without having to rise from his or her favorite recliner. The motion alerts are interesting, too. For instance, our Ring device shows when the mechanical door flippers are set. Moreover, we know when they aren’t. That, too, gives comfort to residents.

Best of all, it’s easy to install. Unscrew the existing peephole, screw in the Ring Peephole, and you’re done. The rechargeable battery holds a charge for months. Of course, some residents will need coaching to make use of it, and someone will need to recharge the battery periodically. Those are the kinds of tasks that resident volunteers love to take on because they give them an excuse to mingle with others who are isolated by frailty.

Adding a simple element like a Ring Peephole can show prospects that a community is technologically forward-thinking. That is an increasingly important attraction. You’ll recall that the Shark Tank investors turned down Ring when the founder came to them for funding. Few foresaw the rapidity with which Ring has taken hold. For senior housing, deploying Ring technology gives visible evidence of concern for resident security and of an embrace of the future. Click here to see how it works.