In this free webinar sponsored by learn how to effectively sell to both prospective residents and their families.

Tuesday July 23, 2013 11:00 AM Pacific Time 12:00 Noon Mountain Time 1:00 PM Central Time 2:00 PM Eastern Time Full occupancy is the goal of every senior living community, but marketing to both seniors – the prospective residents – and their adult children – the decision makers – is a tall challenge.


The senior prospect may be a future resident, but his or her adult child may be the ultimate decision-maker, so who do you focus the sales pitch towards? On Tuesday, July 23, join as they host Michael Sullivan of 50-Plus Communications Consulting, who will address the biggest mistakes made by senior living professionals when they are selling to both seniors and their adult children decision-makers. TOPICS COVERED WILL INCLUDE:

  • How to communicate with seniors in the sales process vs. communicating with their adult children
  • How the sales process varies depending on the type of care offered
  • How to manage objections offered by both the prospective senior resident and their adult children

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