Strut Your Stuff: A chance to say thanks to your prize residents and team members.

Beginning this week or next Senior Housing Forum will give you the opportunity to strut your stuff by honoring your residents and team members.  Here is how:   We will be reworking the header of the website to create room to feature your top notch residents and team members.   It will roughly look like this:

  header rough

  At this point there are no plans to charge for this service, it is all about being able to honor the two most important groups of people in any senior living community. You can send your submissions to [email protected]  

Here is what you need to send us:

1.  Your name & contact information, ideally email and phone number

2.  The name of your senior community & community website

3.  A photo of the resident or team member you want to honor.

4.  A short description about the resident or team member. 

It needs to be less than 50 words.   The pictures and descriptions will stay up for at least one week.   Steve Moran