By Joanne Kaldy

At a time when residents and staff alike aren’t sleeping well and feeling anxious or stressed, communities need innovative ways to bring comfort and energy into their space. And many are turning to circadian lighting, which is shown to improve sleep cycles, reduce anxiety and agitated behavior, and increase engagement in day-time activities.

Why Circadian Light?

“Circadian lighting systems mimic natural day and night cycles and can dramatically improve both the mood and health of seniors and staff who spend most of their days indoors, particularly during a pandemic or other crisis,” says Jack Sterne, Esq., President of Lumenant (a Senior Living Foresight partner).

Under the best of circumstances, poor sleep quality is common in older adults, even if they have no other significant health issues. At the same time, spending time indoors under inadequate or unnatural lighting disrupts the circadian rhythms of seniors. And that disruption has a negative effect on appetite, energy, and mood, as well as sleep. Sterne notes, “This can be exacerbated during a quarantine or lockdown, where senior living residents spend the majority of their time indoors, often without the ability to exercise or socialize.”

Why now? Particularly at a time when people are weighing the benefits and risks of moving into senior living, it’s essential for communities to distinguish themselves. One key is a focus on quality of life. This is where circadian lighting shines.

Imagine this: Residents awake to a warm glow that mimics sunrise. As the morning goes on, that light becomes brighter like the sun outside, stimulating alertness and spurring participation in community activities. In the late afternoon, lights shift to evening hues, providing a peaceful atmosphere that prepares residents for bed and can alleviate anxiety, restlessness, and sundowning.

A Partner that Understands Your Challenges

This may sound great. However, while this is an appealing way to help residents and staff alike cope with the pandemic’s challenges, there is a conundrum. How do you trust a crew to come in when fears about contamination linger?

The key, suggests Sterne, is to have vendors who understand the risks and challenges your residents and staff face daily. And who are committed to safety, quality, and cleanliness. Lumenant is such a company. Its team is looking forward to getting back into senior living buildings. And they have developed a strong protocol to make sure this is done safely for everyone.

For months, everyone has heard, “We’re in this together.” Lumenant means it. “We understand that this pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. We have a long history in senior living, and we aren’t just a vendor. We are a partner that understands each community’s needs, mission, and culture,” says Sterne. “We know how to work safely in occupied senior living buildings, and we’ve developed a detailed protocol for these challenging times.”

Commitment to Safety

The company’s crews are committed to protecting residents and staff, as well as themselves — on the job and in their lives. “We make everyone on our team sign a Hero’s Pledge, affirming that they will do everything possible to maximize safety and cleanliness and prevent the spread of bacteria or illness,” says Sterne. The pledge states in part: “I know that it is my personal responsibility to take all steps necessary to protect myself from exposure of COVID-19 at home, in public, and within the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” Lumenant’s crews also pledge to protect community residents and staff, their coworkers, and others by “vigilantly upholding infection control measures at ALL times and ALL places . . .”

At a time when everyone is more aware of the importance of a comfortable, secure home, an environment that is warm, friendly, and promotes healthy living and restful sleeping is an attractive amenity. And having a partner who can ensure these systems can be installed without risk or inconvenience to your residents and staff is a must. You get it all with Lumenant.

To learn more about Lumenant and their lighting options, please visit their website.