Could this be there perfect sales coaching platform?

In an article published a few days ago titled Is it Possible to Create Star Sales People?.  I talked about how traditional monitoring and coaching of sales people falls short of actually helping to mentor and grow sales people.

Will Nowell the Founder of ServiceTrac, a Senior Housing Forum Partner wears two hats.  One is a very robust resident and staff satisfaction survey business; The other as a very successful sales trainer and coach.  

Particularly in his coaching role he became frustrated with the problem of how to provide regular coaching of sales people in a non-threatening, non-confrontational way that would allow managers and trainers to actually help sales people get better at their jobs.


ServiceTrac Live

Will’s idea was to create a tablet based app that would allow sales people to take notes during the sales process and record the notes the sales person takes and the sales person’s audible interactions with prospects in person or by phone.  Finally the Live App, has the ability to upload that data to the cloud for archival and training purposes. 

Here is how it works:

  • There is disclosure to each prospect by phone or in person that notes will be taken and a recording made for training purposes.  It turns out that this kind of monitoring has become so common that sales people are finding very little resistance to being recorded, but that they do have the option of refusing.
  • For phone conversations the notes are tied to the audio recording so you can click on a note and hear the conversation that generated those notes.
  • The same thing happens during a live tour.  The sales person carries a tablet device rather than a pad of paper and the recording is running and tied to the notes being taken.
  • At the end of the tour, the sales person would make additional notes and hit a button to upload the whole thing to the cloud for access by managers, trainers and for their own recall.

The Perfect Training Tool

My initial reaction was that this was a type of “Big Brother” spying that sales people would be resistant to and would actually hurt the sales and training process.  The opposite is true.  It means a trainer and the sales person can quickly step through a number of prospect interactions which reduces the stress level and turns the whole thing into a comfortable and helpful teaching/growth experience.

There are a number of companies that are currently using the system with all of their sales people and they are finding that it improves their closing ratios and that their sales people are much happier with this system than with having to worry about being mystery shopped at any random time.

The final thing that it does is to keep sales people more aware of the processes they need to follow to be successful.

You can see a demo of the ServiceTrac Live App

and get more information here

Steve Moran