By Wendy D’Alessandro

Greg Cini and his team are redefining care for dementia patients. They’re doing so, in large part, by using evidence-based, data-driven approaches to physical and mental exercise, nutrition, telemedicine, and community management.

“You can have telehealth and telemedicine, robust fitness platforms, and farm-fresh food with no preservatives and additives,” explains Cini, president of Kemper House Central Ohio, a specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care organization in Central Ohio. “But you also need support systems to collect and analyze data that enables you to prove, in an evidence-based manner, the impact of your resident care over time.”

In the Cloud

For Kemper House Central Ohio, Cini selected Philips Cares for Senior Living next-gen technology. Formerly called Blue Willow, this cloud-based technology uses a real-time location system (RTLS) to collect data that offers details about the habits and behaviors of each resident, and as a group, as well as caregivers. For example, operators can see, down to the minute: 

    • The level of activity residents are maintaining
    • The number of steps taken by residents and staff
    • Residents’ socialization habits
    • Staff location
    • How care teams are actively engaging and monitoring residents’ wellness

This data is captured and processed in the cloud – rather than entombed in onsite server silos using old technology – enabling operators to:

    • Identify trends that may impact residents’ health, wellbeing, and safety, or operational efficiencies
    • Make evidence-based decisions related to care, staffing, and activities 
    • Redefine care and best practices for the organization
    • Create new breakthroughs and set new standards across the industry

Operators can even playback an event for investigative purposes.

“It’s all about the data,” says Syed Ahmed, Segment Lead at Philips Senior Living. “Whether it’s collected by our platform or from other leading senior housing vendors, data needs to be accessible in a harmonized repository for our end-customers to consume. Or, in the case of Greg Cini, used to redefine dementia care.”

At the end of the day, your current technology platform should help you improve care and optimize operations, adds Syed. 

For more insights into why it’s time to leave older technology behind, register for Philips Senior Living’s free webinar How next-gen platforms can dramatically transform resident care and community operations on Wednesday, Oct. 9. Expanded topics include:  

    • How residents and their families recognize new safety technology as a focus on wellness
    • How caregivers are gravitating toward the active use of new technology
    • How cloud-based platforms can future-proof your technology investment
    • Justifying technology expenditures in a Software-as-a-Service model
    • Live demo with fall management, elopement prevention, and socialization use cases

Sign up for the free webinar here. Want to learn more now? Call 1-877-789-9657 or email David Wardlaw, [email protected], for more information. To learn more about Philips Cares for Senior Living, visit their website