You pour out your heart and soul to create the very best content marketing piece and then wonder . . . Will anyone read it?

The first and perhaps most important advice I can give is to be patient and persistent. The first blog post I wrote here at was read by maybe 40 people and that included, my mother, father, brother, wife, children and coworkers. Now seven months later it is widely read and each week new people subscribe. There are three primary ways to execute with content marketing: – Blogs – Newsletters (electronic and paper) – Public presentations


Blogs are the easiest way to make content available, and because blogs are easy there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on mind blowing array of topics. Only a very few have significant number of views. In fact most are terrible (which means boring and / or unreadable) which is okay, because no one reads them anyway. There are dozens of sites where you can set up a blog at no cost. WordPress is probably the most popular, or go to Google and search for free blog hosting where you will find dozens of options. That being said, if you are serious about blogging it is much better to spend a tiny bit of money to establish a dedicated web address which will allow you greater flexibility. You then need to create a list of contacts that you would like to have read and recommend your blog. Use this list to let people know have posted something new. Every week work at growing this list. Don’t be bashful about promoting your blog. Tell everyone you know about it. Tell your friends, invite people to subscribe, send out emails about your blog. Every time you post a new blog repeat the process. In order to get people to come back a second time, you need to be regularly posting new content. You can also offer readers a premium or a gift, for subscribing, something we will be doing at in the next few weeks. Allow comments to your blog, positive and negative. Never delete negative comments unless they are SPAM or inflammatory. The very best way to use a blog is to write for someone elses blog then refer people to it. If you write a guest blog here, you should point everyone you know to it. Being published by someone else creates instant credibility.


Newsletters can be either print or electronic (or both). Particularly with the senior community, there is still a significant number of seniors who are not comfortable with e-mail and so paper makes great sense. Newsletters are effective because they are something that can be handed out and have value to the seniors. The advantage to electronic newsletters is that they do not require someone to go to a website, the disadvantage is that once deleted they are gone.

Public Presentations

If you can get a public speaking gig in front of your target market, you have been provided a huge credibility boost. You will have established yourself as an expert. You will still need to deliver in the presentation itself. You also need to make sure you give the people you are presenting to an opportunity to connect with you, because what they are really doing, is saying they are interested in what you are selling and who you are. Good luck, and let this community know what you are doing. I would love to link to your content marketing site.

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