By Joanne Kaldy

When it comes to providing insights into senior living marketing, financial, operational, and clinical performance, not all technology solutions are created equal. Technology that provides useful data in easy-to-grasp, simple-to-share dashboards is essential. Business intelligence, big data, and analytics are more than just buzzwords; they increasingly are essential keys to ensuring actionable information for smarter, quicker decisions and better, more timely communication and data exchange. When senior living leaders and their teams have technology that works for their entire portfolio, they embrace it, use it, and see the positive impact immediately. Yardi Senior IQ (a Senior Living Foresight partner) is this solution. 

If you’ve had even one day where you couldn’t get information when you needed it, you had to waste time hunting for data or scrambling to consolidate it for a report or presentation, or your system was too slow or unpredictable, you know how costly this is. If you’ve missed problems or opportunities because you lacked access to timely data or you’ve lost good managers or workers because of poor or outdated technology, you know it’s time for a better way:

  • The Power of Better Benchmarking. In today’s competitive marketplace, seeing how your communities stack up against others enables you to quickly and accurately identify strengths and opportunities for change, as well as target marketing and scaling efforts. The customizable widgets and visualizations for key metrics, coupled with industry-wide benchmarks available in Yardi Senior IQ, make this possible. 
  • Timely Data, Fast Decisions. You need to be able to build the strongest cases and presentations with current data that investors, board members, and senior leadership expect to see. With Yardi Senior IQ, you get this capability, and you can quickly identify which properties are profitable and which are below expectations with at-a-glance, pre-configured KPIs for accounting and operations.
  • Time Savers. Making the most efficient use of your valuable time is essential, and Yardi Senior IQ eliminates the hours spent sifting through spreadsheets and siloed databases with an analytics platform that seamlessly integrates with your senior living management software. You also can get fast answers to tricky questions by diving deep into community-specific details on everything from expected unit availability to current market rate.
  • Staff Satisfaction. According to at least one study, 24% of workers have considered leaving their job because of poor software and technological capabilities. It clearly is important to have cutting-edge products that employees like and use. With Yardi Senior IQ, you can empower your team to work smarter, giving them access to role-based, customizable dashboard with metrics that matter to them. It also reduces administrative reporting tasks so that staff can focus on providing care to residents, not collecting and crunching numbers.

When your technology works for you and with you, you get the results you want without the headaches you don’t. You get accurate, actionable information; satisfied residents and happy, engaged staff; higher revenues; and a new level of time efficiency and organization.

Imagine a day where everyone can complete their to-do lists, enjoy opportunities for creative brainstorming and innovation, spend quality time with residents, pursue professional education and coach others, feel confident and effective, and share in organization-wide successes. This is all in a day’s work with Yardi Senior IQ. 

To learn more about Yardi Senior IQ, visit their website.