A new feature of LifeShare’s CommunityShare solution has proven to be fun for residents and staff alike.

By Jane Kincaid

A new feature of LifeShare’s CommunityShare solution has proven to be fun for residents and staff alike. Dubbed “This Day in History,” it appears in the rotation of a daily slideshow. The content includes a wide variety of political, sports, entertainment, pop culture, or other historical facts that correspond to current day.

LifeShare Technologies, a Senior Housing Forum partner, was created to help senior care providers facilitate improved connections between residents, staff, and families using TVs or other devices. The CommunityShare feature of LifeShare posts messages and images that are shared on common devices.

Q & A Backstory

Callie Wright, a member of the LifeShare Support Squad, recently shared a few insights and background about “This Day in History”.

1. How many communities and/or companies have implemented this new feature? 

We have turned this feature on across more than 60 communities. We launched it with an initial pilot group, and quickly realized we needed to make this widely available. It is now a regular opt-in feature.

2. How have the communities and the residents responded?

Communities and residents have really enjoyed this new feature. It has sparked all sorts of reminiscing and some very engaging storytelling, which has facilitated additional socialization. It gets both residents and staff engaged.

3. What have people been saying?

We get feedback from residents and staff all the time. They express how much fun it is to see a new historical fact every day and they love the memories it conjures up.

4. How did your team develop it and what, if anything, do you have planned to add to it?

We love to hear suggestions from our partners and ways that we can help enrich lives and save staff time. We decided to offer “This Day in History” as a universal content option, meaning we provide the content automatically in the slideshow each day.

Expansion Plans

Wright reports that LifeShare is currently looking into expanding this content selection with topics such as “Joke of the Day,” “Word of the Day,” and “Bible Verse of the Day”. Using content like this is a great option to help keep slideshows fresh.

“We understand the time demands placed on senior living staff, and we want to make sure there is an option to always have updated content in the slideshow without adding to the staff’s workload,” says Wright. “Our goal at LifeShare is to constantly find ways to improve residents’ experience while lessening the workload for staff. We have found that this feature helps to fulfill that goal.”

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