By Susan Saldibar

Podcasts have exploded just over the last year! According to eMarketer, the number of US podcast listeners will increase 16%, year-over-year to 106.7 million.

Why is everyone tuning in?

The answer won’t surprise you. Podcasts allow the listener to multi-task. According to a recent study from Brandastic, 22% of podcast listening occurs while driving and 8% while exercising. Most, however, listen at home (49%). 

Why podcasts are a good fit for the senior living industry.

There are dozens of podcasts to choose from in the senior living space alone. But who is tuning in? What are they learning? Is it a good way to share and take in information? We think so, which is why we started Foresight Radio in 2019. 

If you’re not tuned in to podcasts, here are 4 reasons you might want to start.

  1. You can listen on the go. Tuning into a podcast on a mobile device allows you to continue going about your day wherever you are, without interruption. And, if it’s recorded, you can stop and start the audio without skipping a beat. 
  2. You get access to experts. Podcasts are attracting some of this industry’s best thought leaders. 
  3. Useful for both consumers and businesses. While we’re seeing more podcast activity in the business-to-business space, some communities are now hosting their own podcasts, covering everything from caregiver burnout to getting power of attorney. Consumers and professionals can tune in to advice from nurses, neurologists, and psychologists.
  4. There is a broad range of content topics. Topics cover everything from leadership to real estate to marketing to caregiving. Many podcasters have refined their content to do a deeper dive into more specific topics. 

The best senior living podcasts provide value.

Foresight Radio

This industry can benefit, now more than ever, from the collective wisdom of thought leaders. Podcasts create easy access to knowledge and entertainment. Here are some of our most popular Foresight Radio podcast episodes featuring insight from leaders in their fields.

  1. A Leader’s Likability Matters, April 2020, Charn McAllister, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizational Development for Northeastern University’s School of Business, discusses his research that indicates a leader’s likability can affect staffs’ job performance, turnover rates, and the company’s success.
  2. Massage — Reassuring Touch, It’s Everything, May 2020, Cory Scurlock, Founder of The Massage Inc., describes her program that brings affordable, geriatric massage to senior living.
  3. Consumers Want Wellness-Based Communities, January 2020, Colin Milner, Founder, International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), provides details about The Council’s efforts to change the way we think about aging.
  4. Innovations Arise from the Pandemic, June 2020, Lacy Jungman describes pandemic spurred innovation at Heritage Communities, while Randall Lonoza details responsive changes made by Kisco communities.
  5. These Mistakes Could End Your Construction, January 2020, Jamie Timoteo, senior vice president of Plante Moran, identifies 7 mistakes that could end your development before it starts.
  6. Industry Thought Leaders Produce A White Paper, September 2020,  ICAA’s Founder Colin Milner, spearheaded an effort to rethink the industry’s value proposition in the aftermath of the pandemic.
  7. It’s A New Year, Time to Get Your Marketing On, January 2021, Wendy O’Donovan Phillips, CEO of Big Buzz, shares some secrets communities can use to kickstart their marketing.
  8. ASHA Launches Campaign Spotlighting the Value of Senior Living, June 2020, President David Schless describes ASHA’s campaign to bring “the rest of the story” to the public about the value of senior living and counterbalance the recent onslaught of negative media coverage.

There is an increasing volume of podcasts to choose from in the senior living space.

Best Senior Living Podcasts

You can’t possibly tune in to all of them! In addition to Foresight Radio, here are more podcasts you might want to check out:

  • Boomer Living Senior Living Broadcast – Host: Hanh Brown – Industry professionals share their insights and personal journeys in senior care.
  • Bridge the Gap | The Senior Living Podcast – Hosts: Lucas McCurdy and Joshua Crisp – Discusses issues and information related to senior housing and senior services.
  • Senior Living Foresight Radio | The Podcast – Hosts: Steve Moran, Rachel Hill – Features interviews with thought leaders on issues related to senior living.
  • Senior Living – Hosts: Shady Lane Assisted Living, Molly Stolp – Provides insights into issues and challenges in senior living.
  • Creating Hope for the Way We Age with Mavericks of Senior Living – Host: Mavericks of Senior Living – Shares discussions of innovation in senior living with a focus on what leaders are doing.
  • Senior Fitness with Meredith Podcast – Host: Senior Fitness with Meredith – Focuses on topics of wellness, fitness, and nutrition geared to the healthcare industry.
  • Podcast – Host: Senior Living Guide – Features interviews with experts in the medical field, informs seniors and caregivers.
  • Senior Living on the Suncoast – Hosts: Senior Living on the Suncoast, Steve Bennet-Martin – Features interviews with experts, with a focus on seniors looking into living options.
  • Transform – Host: Senior Housing News – Focuses on movers and shakers in the senior housing space.
  • All Things Seniors | A Podcast for Caregivers – Host: All Things Senior – Covers a wide range of senior topics including healthcare, housing, and retirement communities.
  • Change The Stigma –  Host: Soter Senior Living, Troy Denault – Examines all aspects of the senior living industry, including its challenges and issues.
  • Eldercaretexas – Host: Right at Home – Provides insights to help people make informed decisions about senior care.
  • The Senior Living 411 Series – Hosts: Senior Living 411, Desiree King – Covers living options for age 55+ seniors for healthcare, living, and planning.
  • Fitness, Diet and Health for Senior Men By A Senior Man – Covers men’s health issues including diet, lifestyle and age-related issues.
  • Senior Housing Unfiltered – Host: Lloyd Jones Senior Living – Features interviews from a spectrum of entrepreneurs, leaders and activists in senior housing.
  • Senior Care and Nursing Homes Tomorrow – Discusses senior living in nursing homes with interviews by leaders in senior care.
  • The Inner Circle of Senior Living – Hosts: The Inner Circle of Senior Living, Scott McCorvie – Features collaborations with community leaders about issues and opportunities in senior living.
  • Senior Living Truth Series – Host: Dr. Nikki Buckelew – Geared towards providing resources and educational content to help seniors live better lives.
  • Risk Conversations | A senior living podcast – Host: Willis Towers Watson – Shares conversations with industry experts and leaders to discuss challenges in the senior living industry.
  • The Village at Gainesville Connections – Hosts: The Village at Gainesville, Chris MacClellan – Provides insights through interviews with residents and staff.
  • Day by Day Podcast – Discusses challenges and solutions for seniors to live better “day by day” lives.
  • Senior Housing Investors Podcast – Host: Haven Senior Investments – Features interviews with investors and industry leaders regarding challenges and opportunities in senior housing.
  • Aldersgate OnAir – Host: Aldersgate CCRC – Features interviews with residents, staff, and leaders from the greater community about issues like ageism, inclusion, and diversity.
  • 50to120 | Living Your Best, Healthy Senior Life – Hosts: Seniors50to120, Mark Burright – Consumer-focused, provides financial, health, and lifestyle insights to seniors.
  • Cosmic Soup| A Senior Living Podcast – Hosts: Third Marketing, Culinary Coach – Shares insights and business ideas centered around the dining experience for seniors.
  • Seniors Living Life Podcast – Host: Old Fashioned Health – Provides insights for living well for those 60 and older.
  • The Voice For Seniors – Host: David Terry, Attorney – Covers a range of legal advice for adult children caring for parents.
  • Senior Living Experts – Host: Senior Living Experts Placement Service – Provides information for families seeking care for loved ones.
  • Milestones | A Senior Living Podcast – Provides insights and conversation regarding senior living; geared to general audiences.
  • Central Florida Senior Living – Features interviews with leading Florida experts in senior care and aging.
  • Assisted Living Facility Journey – Host: Tonya Joubert – Documents the process of developing a senior living community, from start to finish.
  • Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes – Tonya Williams – Examines the differences between assisted living and nursing homes.
  • The Avista Senior Living Podcast – Provides an inside view of their communities with interviews with key staff members.