Yep, it is a commercial, but bet you can’t resist watching it more than once.

In just four days, the latest Android ad with unbelievably cute mismatched animals playing together has been viewed more than 6 million times.

Yep, it is a commercial, but bet you can’t resist watching it more than once.

The Android Cuddly Ad

The Value of Weird

It is actually not the cuteness that makes the ad effective. It is rather the weirdness. After watching it I went,“Huh, I don’t get it.” I asked my wife and she was zero help. It took me a Google search to discover the commercial was designed to be a “not so subtle” dig at how all Apple Phones are so alike. It was too subtle for me!

Except for one thing I will forever remember, each time this ad starts playing I know that it is for Android. 

That is brilliant. 

That is wonderful. 

That is sticky.

High Risk

When it comes to senior living marketing most of what we do and favor is safe. It is a natural thing. No one ever got fired for doing something safe. The problem is that safe is not memorable. 

Android AnimalsJust a quick example in the life of Senior Housing Forum:

A couple of years ago the time came that I needed a real logo. I engaged a design firm and they sent me six choices. I put them all out to the reader community for input. At the end of the day, I picked something different than the one that got the most positive feedback. 

I made that choice because I wanted something that people would remember. (Something a little weird . . . )

It is not without cost or more accurately without risk. From time to time senior living experts, whose opinions I hold in very high regard, suggest to me that I should get something that is more professional. That my current logo will hold me back in growing Senior Housing Forum as a serious media player in this space.  

At the end of the day, it was worth it. 

It is likely that taking smart risks in your marketing program can pay huge dividends.

Have you ever taken on a risking marketing activity?

How did it work out?

Steve Moran