It’s a fine line between being a manager and being a leader. Answer these 10 questions to see how you measure up!

By Jacquelyn Kung

It’s a fine line between being a manager and being a leader. Answer the questions below to see how you do — and keep this page if you want to evaluate yourself again later or use the questions with your team. Also, please add your questions to this list in the Comments section below to share with others!


  1. Do you get the results from your team that you would expect?
  2. Do you ever find yourself saying, “do this . . . because I’m your manager/boss”? Or do your team members say to you or think, “yes, boss”?
  3. Do you say, “I am working hard to . . .” (versus “WE are working hard to . . .”)?
  4. Do you say, “My team did that . . . it was wrong”?
  5. Do you say, “I could do it myself . . .”


  1. Do you listen well? You are not on your phone, computer, or otherwise distracted when your team members talk to you. They leave conversations with you feeling uplifted, even if it was about bad news or feedback.
  2. When there is a breakdown, do you ask yourself what you could’ve done better to systematize a better process? You do not place blame on the team; instead, you put it on yourself to reflect on what you could’ve done better for the team.
  3. Do you show how it’s done? You work alongside your team members, actually doing the dirty work too.
  4. When recognized for a job well done, do you acknowledge who helped you and give recognition to others?
  5. Do you serve your team members, helping them to grow and succeed in their careers?

Of course, there is much more to good management and good leadership. But hopefully, the above questions in each category helps jumpstart your juices.

Please leave your ideas and thoughts below!