Ok, I confess I did it.But here is the thing.  A few years ago I was out of work for a painfully difficult long period of time.  Maybe you know what it was like, one of those spells where it got so bad I had to dip into a pension plan just to pay the bills.  It was discouraging and I was desperate.  I even ponied up almost $89 dollars for six months of “The Ladders”, I was $89 worse off at a time in my life when that $89 was kind of a big deal.

The dry spell was broken when I found a job on what is arguably the cheesiest of all job boards, Craigslist.com. Almost from the very beginning of Senior Housing Forum, several times a month I have received emails from people who were in my situation, looking for a job and trying anything and ever thing they could think of to find a new position.  I was sympathetic and kept my eyes open but was not so much help. It did get me to thinking about job boards for the senior housing industry and I discovered a bunch of places where there were a few jobs posted but no single place that seemed to focus on management level senior housing jobs. I figured maybe I could help the cause by launching a free job board. Will this become the “go to” place?  It is way too early to tell. 

The board is not fancy but it costs me just a little bandwidth and little bit of web consulting and so we offer this as a free service. 

While I am not so bold to say I will never charge for it, I don’t see that in the near or even medium time horizon. The job board becomes one more way Senior Housing Forum can give back to our business community and give people another reason to stick around and join the conversation. Grab a cup of coffee and take a look at the posted jobs. 

If you know someone who is looking for a job send them a link, because there are already some great jobs posted. Finally if you see things we should be doing . . . or shouldn’t be doing on the job board or someplace else, we would love to hear from you.   Steve