I was surprised when I saw that Tana Gall and Jason Childers left Merrill Gardens.

I was surprised when I saw that Tana Gall and Jason Childers left Merrill Gardens. It took me several weeks to actually connect with Tana about what was next. When we finally connected her response was “I am looking at my options.”  

Every few weeks I would send Tana email or ring her cell phone to the point where she got tired of hearing from me and quit responding . . . okay, maybe it was not quite that bad.

Finally a couple of weeks before ALFA she told me they a few opportunities focusing on and would decide soon, then let me know.


A week or 10 days later I woke up to my morning LinkedIn update where one of the items was that Tana Gall had a new position as a principal at something called “2Ten Consulting”

That has to be the softest launch I have ever seen.

While we crossed paths at ALFA a couple of times we never managed more than a “Hi” and “Later”.

Figuring It Out

This past week we had a convergence of calendars and I got the scoop on 2Ten Consulting. As Jason and Tana went through the process of what do we do next, they found themselves faced with a number of really great options making the final decision difficult.  

A big part of their process included asking themselves two questions:

  • As we look at our senior living careers to date what are the things we enjoyed doing – what were we better at than anything else?
  • If we could do anything we want to do what would that be?

2Ten Consulting

The result of this process was 2Ten consulting. This new venture will be targeting two areas:

  • New Developers – From just about any perspective senior living is the hottest real estate investment play in the country. Go to any senior living conference and you will meet people who are not in the business but want to be. Tana and Jason want to work with these newbies to make sure they get it right.

    This could include site selection, feasibility studies, hand holding through the entitlement process, building design and program development.

  • Under Performing Projects – Tana and Jason know there are some really great senior communities that are under performing. They are actively looking to purchase these kinds of communities.   They would also be open to working as consultants to help turn these buildings around for the owners.

If you are looking for help in these areas, they are a great team and I expect them to be major influencers in the marketplace.

Steve Moran