A new survey, produced by ProMatura, found that 87% of “very satisfied” residents will recommend your community to their friends and family.

By Susan Saldibar

A new survey, produced by ProMatura, found that 87% of “very satisfied” residents will recommend your community to their friends and family. However, only 11% of “satisfied” residents will recommend. That’s quite a gap. But Kian Saneii, CEO of Independa (a Senior Housing Forum partner) and Margaret Wylde, CEO of the research organization, ProMatura, are out to help you fill it.

ProMatura and Independa made a big announcement at Argentum. And it’s good news.

A recent webinar, conducted by Steve Moran with Margaret Wylde and Kian Saneii, took a deeper dive into the science behind converting survey data into actionable intelligence. As you know, the data gathered from surveys can help senior living communities put their finger on trouble areas and make accurate adjustments towards improvement. It was Margaret, in fact, who shared the eye-opening 87% versus 11% satisfaction statistics.

The two organizations made an announcement at last month’s Argentum conference that they have teamed up to bring the sophistication of ProMatura surveys to the big screen; that screen being the Independa-enabled TVs found throughout the nation’s independent and assisted living communities.

Easier surveys, faster responses and monitoring, greater accuracy, less expensive.

As I watched the webinar, four major advantages to using the enhanced interactive Independa TV platform, with ProMatura surveys, jumped out at me:

  1. Easier. While many communities continue to use paper surveys, Margaret says this is changing (thankfully!). Not only does it take longer to complete a paper survey, residents often have issues with arthritis and other conditions that can make writing a chore. Being able to complete a survey with a simple click or two of the TV remote seems a lot easier than hand writing.  

  1. Faster. Since the survey data is collected as soon as each survey is completed, management is able to get results more quickly. That allows them to take actions to respond to actionable issues within days, not weeks or months.

  1. More accurate. Margaret pointed out that, since no tedious, error-prone manual entry of paper surveys is needed, 100% accuracy is possible as the results are calculated direct from the input.

  1. Less expensive, by a lot! Because the input is direct from TV to database, no printing of surveys or envelopes, no postage stamps, no tracking of misplaced or lost surveys, and no staff time is required to administer the survey. 

It would certainly seem that, taken together, those four advantages could help bring survey technology into the 21st century and help communities move the needle more quickly from “satisfied” to “very satisfied”.  Further, Margaret announced that “joint Independa/ProMatura customers will be benefiting from quarterly resident monitoring reports, finally giving the CEO direct, specific and actionable remedies that will drive up resident satisfaction.” Very cool.

Very satisfied residents will stay with you.

There was another point made in the webinar, which really makes a lot of sense. Not only will these “very satisfied” residents be more likely to recommend your community to others, they will also be more likely to stay with you. And, Margaret points out that retention improvement typically extends to employees as well. It generally costs a community about 7% more to go through the process of attracting and acquiring new talent. For front line employees, that could easily equate to an investment of 30k dollars!

So, to put a cap on this, when I connect the dots, it seems,

  1. If surveys can be more easily and quickly put together,

  2. presented right in front of residents on their TVs,

  3. more easily and quickly completed and calculated,

  4. with actionable recommendations through ongoing resident response monitoring, 

    …then communities would likely do more of them, more frequently. Then,

  1. communities could be more responsive to residents, and

  2. improvements could be made and enjoyed by residents more quickly.

Adding all this up, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see how this could lead to more “very satisfied” residents and, subsequently, to more referrals. It all makes sense. What do you think?

There is actually a lot more in this webinar, including updates on some of the cool things that Independa is doing with their award-winning resident engagement and care software platform.

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