No . . . not mine . . . There is this very odd looking guy (not an insult, he works at looking weird) by the name of David Shing who wears the moniker “AOL’s digital prophet”.  Yes, I get the irony of AOL having a digital prophet given their avalanche-like decline. Yet, the list of 5 Game Changing Digital Predictions for 2014 (The link is to a 110 second video that includes 15 seconds of advertising at the start) is pretty intriguing and, if he is right, they hold interesting promise for the senior living industry.

The 5 Digital Predictions

1.  We are moving to a screen ecosystem

The idea here is that, rather than our devices operating separately, they will be talking to each other and working together to our benefit. For instance:  A prospect family member is watching TV and surfing the web for Assisted Living and finds something that is interesting.  She hits an icon on her laptop and it pops onto the big screen TV for the rest of the family to look at.  While still a little clunky something similar, can be done today with Google CromeCast.

2.  We are entering into the collaboration age

This is my favorite.  It is why Senior Housing Forum exists and is committed to conversation and open dialog.  It is why I love events like the Marcus Evans CXO Summit and organizations like Eden Alternative that are committed to the idea that conversations and collaboration result in better solutions. It is why I am excited about the One Voice Initiative. There is no doubt that senior living is not for every elder, maybe not even for most elders, but there are many, many elders who are living in sub-optimal conditions because we either are not offering the right products or not telling the story in the right way.  Collaboration can change that.

3.  There will be a movement toward de-friending and un-following

You know you are already doing this, as am I.  If you are marketing through social media it feels scary because it will make your numbers look less robust, but ultimately we are all better off if our social media connections are people we can really have meaningful engagement with. One of the things that will drive de-friending and un-following is too many posts in a day or a week.  Particularly annoying are those individuals who post the same thing over and over again throughout the day or, even worse, post something that is weeks or months old. When I click on that stuff I feel like that person has ripped off my time.

4.  Mobile Intimacy

I hope this is true.  Right now mobile mostly detracts from personal relationships.  I go to meetings, events, even church functions where people would rather interact with their “devices” than the people around them. Hopefully these devices will make creating community better not more difficult.

5.  Smarter Wearables

Itouched on this last week in my article about the perfect call system.  I am convinced that wearables, and maybe even implantables, will allow us to collect and use data that will allow elders to live safer, healthier lives and do it in such a way that it lightens caregiver loads.

Shings’s prophesy and my take.  What do you think?  Do you have any digital prophesies for 2014 and beyond?

Steve Moran
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