By Susan Saldibar

I grew up in sales, back in the ’80s, being told

  1. It’s just a numbers game.
  2. The more leads you put in the top, the more come out the bottom.

We had an excuse back then. 

We didn’t have digital marketing tools. We couldn’t do a ton of filtering up front to customize our messaging.

We couldn’t target small groups by their personal preferences. Even if we could, it was a hard-copy world. Imagine paying a printer to do 100 different versions of a mailer … every week.

But this isn’t the ’80s (thankfully), and you’re not me (thankfully). 

So your only excuse for casting a wide net that results in hundreds of crappy leads thrown at your sales team is that you are still stuck in the ’80s. Or more likely (since you were probably in diapers back then)

… you just need to be convinced that there’s a better way.

That’s easy if you tune into the latest Conversion Logix (a Foresight partner) webinar, hosted by our own Fara Gold McLaughlin. Fara chatted with Conversion Logix’s Jennifer Snyder-Lovely and Jeff Gronemyer.

Yes, they talked about the cool tools in their Conversion Cloud software.

… but this was not a sales presentation.

Instead, Jen and Jeff focused on what you can do today to make a huge difference tomorrow in conversion rates, in move-ins, and ultimately in occupancy.

There’s so much packed into this webinar that I’ll break out a few points that grabbed me as a marketer. But tune into the webinar because there are tons of real user stories and bits of insight that really make it worthwhile.

Here’s what you can start doing today:

  1. Get (really) personal. You can do this now with tools that let you create intentional messaging that taps individual preferences. Why is it important?
  • People are more likely to connect with you if you make it personal.
  • Create small, targeted gatherings. They’ll give you better leads than a big, impersonal luau.
  1. Learn from your data. Not “third-party data” that gives you a ton of leads, half of which are entirely useless. Jeff and Jen talk about the value of “first-party data,” which will tell you exactly where each prospect started off and the journey that got them to your door. What can you do with all this great data?
  • Use it to create really personalized messaging to meet them where they are.
  • Learn what works, and replicate it to get more conversions.
  • Gift your sales team with a smaller database of really qualified leads. Will they convert more quickly? Yes!
  1. Stay in touch. All those leads you gave up on that are sitting in the middle of the funnel represent real people. They may finally be ready to take the first step. Why act now?
  • Maybe they thought Mom or Dad was “okay” but noticed a change after the holidays.
  • They’ll appreciate that you reached out again and didn’t forget them. That builds trust.

What happens in 2023 if you don’t fix something you could have fixed? 

If you’re still on the edge with all this, consider this from Jeff:

What happens if you don’t take the chance to fix something you could fix?

What if fixing one thing allows you to build a new building or add other services? If we can help you find revenue through more move-ins by changing one simple thing. What would that do?

You can go to Conversion Logix and find out. In the meantime, get the webinar deck here.