By Leigh Ann Hubbard

At the 2022 AHCA/NCAL conference, we set out to do something new: make a who’s-who photo journal of the wonderful people we met! Here are some of the faces of senior living, from all over the country — gathered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Three notes:

  • See a question mark? Know who it is? Let us know! (We were having such fun that we missed a few names.)
  • See yourself? Share the photo on LinkedIn and tag Senior Living Foresight! We’d love to see it.
  • Some images are cropped. Click each photo to see full.

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Now on with the slideshows.

Saturday Flight!

On the way to the 2022 AHCA/NCAL conference, who should Steve meet but …


Sunday, October 9, was NCAL Day, focused solely on assisted living.

Sunday Night Parties

When you’re with Steve, you go to alll the parties.

AHCA/NCAL Conference, Day 1

Monday, October 10, opened with a musical keynote.

Monday Night Parties

Two parties tonight!

AHCA/NCAL Conference, Day 2

Tuesday, October 11, we closed out the expo. Vendors included Foresight partners Accushield and KARE.

Tuesday Night Parties

Three tonight — including one at the Tennessee Titans stadium that was cosponsored by KARE (a Foresight partner)!

AHCA/NCAL Conference, Day 3

Wednesday, October 12 — last day. Now to go home and write articles (like this and this) with all the insights we got . See you at the next conference!