By Steve Moran

This is a story of what is possible in senior living. What is possible in your community, your organization.

A few days ago I got this message through LinkedIn:

Hi Steve!

I just wanted to reach out and invite you to Greenhaven Place. We are located in the pocket area of Sacramento.

Pegasus Senior Living is our operator. My building is currently 100% occupancy. When I started in September we were at 88%. Now we are 100% with a waiting list. Our competition in the area is sitting at an average occupancy of 72%.

Pegasus has been the first company in 19 years that has allowed me to build a culture that is employee and resident focused. We work hard and play hard. We have won 5 awards so far this year and we are pushing for more.

We would love to show you a local community doing things right.

You are welcome at our community anytime. No reservation needed. I actually prefer no reservation. This way you can see it in action.

Thank you again for all you do in senior living and hope to talk with you and show you around soon.

Have a great evening

Robert Coe

The Controlling Way

I could write a book and fill it with emails, notes, and messages from leaders who want to be great, are trying to be great, but are completely frustrated and flummoxed by the restrictive, repressive organizations they work for. They do the best they can until they give up or burn out.

The Way of Freedom and Profitability

Once in a while I hear a story like this — leadership that understands that the path to high occupancy and profitability is all about fewer guardrails, not more guardrails. What too often gets missed is that great leaders don’t all lead in exactly the same way. Some are loud, flamboyant extroverts, and others are quiet, reflective introverts.

They do have a few things in common. They have a vision for would could be in their community. They are always looking for better ways to do things. They love their residents, resident families, and team members like crazy. They are always asking, “How do I make their lives better?”

I am delighted for Robert and have great admiration for the Pegasus leadership team that figured out freedom is the key to success. He is profoundly changing the lives of residents, team members, and families.