By Steve Moran

I recently spent some time talking to Brad Williams, the VP of Membership & Events at Argentum, about the upcoming Argentum virtual conference. I had two big questions:

  1. What’s it going to look like?
  2. Why will people love the conference as a virtual event?

Here is why you will love being a part of the 2020 Senior Living Executive Virtual conference:

  1. There will be great content and education. Which, in some sense, will be more or less like you would see at a physical or in-person conference. This is ultimately so important to every leader, allowing them to pivot and grow in order to serve residents and team members in the most optimal way.
  2. COVID-19 continues to dominate the lives of operators. You will get the latest information on what is and is not working for providers.
  3. There will be multiple ways for you to interact with other attendees. It is likely that it will be easier to meet new people; meet the people you most want to meet in a virtual environment than in a physical environment. Just one click away.
  4. It will give you the right exposure to industry suppliers that provide products and services, but more importantly, have great content and education available for your download. Without suppliers, senior living could not function. Conferences have been the traditional and important way for operators to explore their options and see what is new in the marketplace.
    It will look different, and may very well be a more efficient way to explore just the things you are interested in.
  5. There will be Zoom Room discussions with industry suppliers that you can participate in, on the topics you are most interested in.
  6. There will be small group huddles in The Hive with leaders in the industry. It is likely that industry leaders have never been so accessible.
  7. Unlike a live event, the content will be available after the conference. This means that instead of having to pick between two or three breakouts that happen at the same time, you can attend them all. It also means you can consume the content, while going for a walk, driving, or even brushing your teeth.
  8. Do you remember the last conference you went to where there was one person you knew was there that you wanted to connect with? That you maybe even saw across the room and waved to, but the conference was over and you realized you missed your chance? That won’t happen here, you can connect with them virtually and use the chat function to set a future call. You could line up a month’s worth of calls.
  9. You don’t have to get dressed up to come to the conference. Did you always want to attend a conference in your pajamas? This is your chance. (Because it’s official association business, Brad plans to wear a coat and tie with pajama bottoms.)
  10. There will be amazing mainstage speakers from in and out of senior living. 

I am looking forward to the presentations, the conversations, and seeing you there. Use my media partner code SLFSLEC for $200 off at checkout. And chat me while there so we can set a future call.