On Wednesday, March 20th, you’ll have access to Episode 3 of our podcast. Yay!

By Pam McDonald, Podcast Producer and Co-Host

On Wednesday, March 20th, you’ll have access to Episode 3 of our podcast. Yay!

We really hope you give it a listen. It features perspectives on Baby Boomers in interviews with Chip Conley, best-selling author and founder of the Modern Elder Academy; and nationally known industry consultant, gerontologist, and educator, Nancy Schier Anzelmo.

These days we’re hearing with increased frequency that ours is an industry ripe for disruption. So, we hope this episode informs your thinking about changes you might make in what you offer to attract and serve Boomers and succeeding generations.

Check It Out

The easiest way to access the podcast is from here – the Senior Housing Forum blog. Just click on the word “Podcasts” on the main menu bar, and then click on the player icon to start the recording.

I believe we have now worked out the major kinks . . . but it’s been slow going and a steep learning curve for me. It’s ironic that I – the least technologically adept member of the Senior Housing Forum team – have had the privilege of launching this addition to our blog.

A Little About Me

What I can say on my own behalf is that I’ve been writing about senior living and aging issues for more than 25 years. And I’m passionate about communicating useful, interesting ideas and recommendations. You as industry leaders are in a position to positively affect the lives of the elders you serve, their families, and your employees. We hope our blog and podcast help you do that.

A Little About the Podcast

The podcast is at a point where we are going to make some big changes. Starting in April (April 3rd to be precise), we will be posting new episodes every other Wednesday. So, we’ll have new material available on April 3rd, April 17th, May 1st, May 15th, and so on throughout June.

We also plan to publish edited versions of the podcasts (with checklists and additional information, when available), as blogs to maximize your choices for consuming this information.

We Want To Hear From YOU!

And, with your support and participation, we plan to go weekly in July. But, no joke, we need your involvement. We want your feedback. What do you like? What could you do without?

We want you to share information about things your company and/or community is doing well. What’s unique about your community? Who should we meet or get to know among your residents and staff? What questions would you like answered? What questions would you like to answer for your colleagues?

Contact us at [email protected].

We thank you for the support we’ve already received – your listens, downloads, likes, and follows! We really want to make the podcast one of your go-to resources.