By Susan Saldibar

In addition to “more money,” ask your dwindling staff what they need.

I’ll bet you dollars-to-donuts somewhere in their top three will be “time.”

When you save people time, a lot of other good things happen.

Case in point. About a year ago, when my daughter and I drove to get our COVID shots, we got there super early, bracing ourselves for hassles galore and basic pandemonium by the time we rolled up for the shot. (Ouch!)

What we found was something altogether different. Somebody had the good sense to inject some technology into the process. That meant we could sign in, verify, and do everything using our iPhones.

Amazed, We Looked At Each Other And Said, “Wow.”

Huge ripple effect …

  • We sat and chatted, enjoying some quality time while we waited.
  • Health workers giving the shots were super relaxed and cheerful.
  • Shots were virtually painless.
  • Happy customers, happy workers, great experience.

Why Don’t You Have These Kinds of “Wow” Moments in Your Community? 

Maybe you’re not looking in the right place. Because the folks at Volanté Systems (a Foresight partner) produce these moments every day. And they’re doing it where it can make the most impact:

Dining, food, and everyone associated with it.

From dynamic dining menus to in-room ordering to save time and make life easier for servers, cashiers, dining staff, and cashiers, Volanté’s POS is creating the kind of environment people want to be a part of. And expect, I might add.

And They’re About Much More Than Saving Time.

Here’s just a sampling of how Volanté is making a difference for staff, residents, and families:

  • Residents don’t have to keep asking, “What’s my balance?” From photo IDs to allergies and other special requests/needs, Volanté puts everything in one place. No more pounding through files or hounding family members for the information you should have! That includes things like keeping track of balances. Families can even keep track of their accounts remotely. And no more duplicate manual entry. (Your staff hates this.)
  • You can automate menus and offer remote ordering and self-serve kiosks. A real “wow” moment: Imagine if residents could avoid cash altogether and handle their requests for special meals or menus from their rooms by tapping on a screen? What if, when they dined with a family member, they could place an order on a kiosk for pick-up or dine-in — or order tableside from a server who has all preferences, restrictions, everything, in the palm of their hand? Think how less stressed the dining workers would be! How could Volanté help with dining staff turnover?
  • Everything is centralized. From menus to securities to financials, across multiple locations, Volanté centralizes everything. I can’t begin to calculate the time savings here, not to mention the hassles it prevents.
  • How many spaghettis are you selling? You need this information now more than ever. But who has the time? Since Volanté reporting is cloud accessible, you can get as broad or granulated as you need to. How many spaghettis are you selling? Why are you breaking your back on pork when everyone wants chicken and it’s cheaper? This isn’t just a time saver, it’s a window on your entire organization. What might pop up that you can fix now?
  • Integrates into everything. You’ll find no issues from Volanté in terms of connectivity to all your other applications and platforms. They’ve got you covered.

What would all that do for staff retention?

Stop With the “Residents Can’t Use Technology” BS. They Can. And They Are!

I use technology (I’m 68), my mom used technology (she was 94), and my aunt is a force to reckon with on Facebook (she’s 86). In fact, most older adults expect to use technology. And so do their kids.

Volanté doesn’t leave anything to chance, however. They provide 24/7 round-the-clock support and have a great training program so that nobody is left out of a potential “wow” experience.

It’s Amazing That a POS Can Do All This.

Maybe I should adjust that to say it’s amazing what the Volanté POS can do. But in a way, it shouldn’t be. Because they’re simply responding to a whole new era of expectations with regards to our transaction environment and how our highly specialized needs are met.

But let’s rewind this to where we started. Right now, you just want to solve your staffing nightmare, and get occupancy back up, right?

Volanté is helping other communities do it. Maybe it’s time to find out how.