By Steve Moran

A Confession:  I am humored and disturbed by this Twitter capture because if you look at the right column, you will see a list of trends suggested for me . . . and . . . well . . . I have no idea how their algorithms thought a single one of those trends would be of interest to me. If you know me at all they are 100% wrong.

On with the story . . .

I stumbled across this Airbnb ad on Twitter and my immediate thought was, wouldn’t it be amazingly cool for a senior living organization that has pets or whose residents have pets to grab a bunch of clips of those pets doing cool, funny, cute things, then add some upbeat music, cute captions, and some resident pics or video. I am thinking it is a recipe for a viral video and would drive lots and lots of real consumer traffic to the community or organization.  

Here is the actual video:

Or Are We Too Risk Averse?

I am going to confess that we are too risk averse.  I get the reasons . . .

    • The biggest being that it might turn off some people who don’t like animals
    • PETA might protest
    • Too much work
    • We don’t have enough cute animals to pick from

And yet . . . these are the kinds of videos, of visual storytelling, we need to counter the New York Times and Atlanta Newspapers’ unfair articles on senior living.  

Will anyone do it?