Would you attend a conference where it was mostly about connecting with other senior living leaders to share ideas and learn from each other?

I am a conference junkie, which is something you would expect from a writer and entrepreneur growing an on-line business.  Meeting new people generates new readers and new stories.  Attending presentations generates more story ideas and connects me with even more people.  And yet . . . At the end of every conference I come away exhausted with a mild sense that there were people I missed connecting with and stories I missed hearing.  With that as background I was intrigued by an article at Mashable titled “Can YxYY Make Us Fall in Love With Conferences Again?”  YxYY is this crazy, 4 day tech conference that is limited to 400 people and has no agenda and no programming.  It is simply a group of people getting together to see what happens. At the YxYY conference there is lots of drinking, conversation and fun, mostly poolside (Palm Springs in July).  There is just one rule: Yes and Yes Yes.  It is a time to hang out, have conversations, learn from each other and innovate. A Senior Living Unconference? Looking at the photos from the YxYY unconference I am thinking the crowd is a lot younger and more rambunctious than you would ever find in the senior living industry. And, yet . . . somehow the idea of spending several days hanging out with a bunch of senior living leaders, swapping ideas and telling stories sounds like it could be great fun and yield amazing results. I attend around a dozen conferences a year including:

  • LeadingAge
  • ALFA
  • Mary Furlong’s Boomer Summits
  • 4-8 regional conferences each year.
  •  NIC
  • AHCA
  • Marcus Evans Long-Term Care CXO
  • Readmission Prevention Summit

My Favorite

While I like them all, I confess that the two Marcus Evans Long-Term Care CXO events are at the top of my list, in large part because they have some elements from the YxYY unconference.  These CXO events attract top, free thinking provider and vendor leaders in the post-acute world (skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care, independent living). These two day events have three components:

  • Presentations by experts in the senior living field, including providers who are doing cool, innovative things.
  • High level meetings between the senior living executives and vendor executives.
  • Lots of free form flowing networking time (my favorite part of the event).  It is a time to share ideas and stories that lead to even better ideas and stories.

Because the goal of the CXO summit is to foster connections between senior living executives, attendance is limited to C level senior living executives who are part of organizations that have at least 500 residents. It is not open to everyone.  The good news is that, while you need to get yourself to the event, the hotel and conference is paid for by the supplier partners for qualified delegates. The next Marcus Evans CXO Long-Term Care event takes place July 15 &16 in Florida at a great resort.  I hope that, if you are a senior living C level executive, you will come join us.  I am particularly excited to be at this event because I will be giving the opening presentation, “We are in the business of selling hope.” If you are interested in attending the Marcus Evans CXO Senior Living Executive Event as a delegate (attendee) or Solution Provider (vendor), fill out the form below and someone will respond to you shortly:

Roobrik CTA 10/20

Steve Moran

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