By Steve Moran

A few weeks ago I talked about NOTIFY Communications, the new video, voice, and text communications and telehealth app being launched by Eldermark and I really think it might just be “the Perfect Solution to the COVID-19 Communication Challenge.”

Good news: It’s out now, available for both Android and iOS devices. Check it out. You’re going to find it as intuitive and seamless to use as I did. 

But . . .

Even though I was super excited about this technology solution when I first heard about it, I have to be honest: I got more excited about its potential the more I thought about it. 

Here’s Why . . .

The NOTIFY team has hit it out of the park with this app, thanks to its community-wide messaging, its SOS button for emergency assistance, its 24/7 connectivity, its family and resident communications, its caregiver-to-caregiver communications and its community insights for leadership positions. And, this is all within just ONE platform – talk about easy. 

There’s even more potential behind the curtain – sales and marketing folks, I want you, in particular, to listen up. 

Increasing Occupancy

If you’re in sales and marketing at a senior living community, you most likely have a long waiting list of people who want to move in, right? Or, at the very least, a list of prospective residents? And connecting with and nurturing those future residents is a good way to keep them connected to your community – but it isn’t always easy is it?

Yet again, NOTIFY Communications gave me a “WOW” moment. It dawned on me: Just because the residents aren’t with you yet doesn’t mean you can’t be with them. All you need is their cell phone number.

This thing could be an incredible tool for sales and marketing folks.

Here is how you might use it:

  • To share community messaging with those on your waitlist.
  • To contact them through the app.
  • To have nurses do weekly video check-ins.

Engagement Is the Key

At a high level, this is all about being more effective with engagement. All these little communications, these little gestures, keep your prospects invested and tied to your community. They keep them knowledgeable about what’s going on at their future home. They let your future residents know that you’re utilizing the latest technology. They let your future residents know that you’re not bogged down in the day-to-day but thinking around the corner, thinking ahead of the curve.

Mostly though, they say you care! 

I’ve spoken to hundreds if not thousands of residents and family members over the years and the thing I hear over and over again? They want to know that senior living communities care about and are engaged with their residents.

NOTIFY Communications lets you do that. Easily. Seamlessly. Effectively.

NOTIFY will be frequently revising their LinkedIn page in the days and weeks ahead with additional important news and updates. This is technology to watch.

Check out this short video:


Nurturing Your Wait List with NOTIFY Communications from Notify Communications on Vimeo.