By Steve Moran

When I talk to senior living leaders — in regional positions, in corporate support positions, and at the property level — they tell me how much they love what they do, how they are passionate about creating great cultures, great experiences for residents and team members … except for one thing.

There is one person (or more than one), with power over them in the organization, who makes their life miserable. This person is more interested in making sure they are in control and that everyone knows they are important and powerful. They leave people in constant fear.

They demand things without any consideration for the people they are making demands of.

They walk into a community and start talking to employees without ever talking to leadership about why they are there.

They are officious.

They Are Also …

They are also mostly really good at their job, which is why they got into that position of power. You love them because you see the results they produce. You see the results they produce, because they make sure you see them.

You ignore what you know:

  • They hurt people’s feelings.
  • They cause people to quit their jobs.
  • They keep people off balance.
  • They make team members choose between safe decisions and right decisions.
  • They cause team members to do nothing when they should do something.

Not Worth It

I don’t care how good this person is, how much they suck up to you. They are hurting your company. You need to go fire them today, right now.

You will be so glad you did.