This year is coming to an end. Reviewing the budget, you realize something is missing. Where did the marketing money go?

By Christi Diggs

This year is coming to an end. Reviewing the budget, you realize something is missing. Where did the marketing money go?

Sure, it looks like it was spent on various campaigns — direct mail, digital marketing, Facebook, and Google ads. But it’s going to take an Agatha Christie detective maybe — combined with MacGyver and Sherlock Holmes to find out what the impact was.

Occupancy below 90%; leads that appear to disappear, and no way to know if the phone number on that mail piece led to someone looking for an amazing home (here, of course!) for their loved one or a misdial for takeout pizza. Is there a way to solve the mystery?

Yes, yes there is. Companies like SeniorVu (a Senior Housing Forum partner) offer analytical information that speaks to the mind of a sales leader — giving him/her insight into where the marketing dollars are headed. The result: Less negative spend.

Here’s how: your lead clicks on a Google ad, fills out a campaign-specific form and then our contact center responds within 2 minutes — engaging them with specific knowledge about your community and qualifying them with emotionally-intelligent questions. After that, the lead is either placed into a proven lead nurturing campaign or delivered to your sales team — ready to tour. No more wasted time chasing unqualified leads. No more missed calls and multiple call attempts. With SeniorVu, the mystery of the missing marketing dollars is solved.

Two of our Client Success Managers, Christen Tull, and Paige Rockers, both handle communities who are thrilled when they can review their metrics every month.

Both Tull and Rockers review Cost per Contacted Lead, Cost per Tour Scheduled, and the Form Fill Contacted-Rate with their communities — usually on a monthly basis at minimum. Tull explained, “One of the things that sets us apart is the ability to show the activity with their leads.” SeniorVu’s system allows community marketing staffs to focus on one lead and see every interaction. Thus, eliminating “Negative Spend.”

“We have the ability to give our clients the information they want,” Rockers said. Looking at the statistics — comparing their impact data with other community benchmarks — is one of the unique services SeniorVu offers.

Solve your marketing mysteries with SeniorVu . . . call 816-759-2586 today.

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