If you are attending Argentum 2018 in San Diego, the Smile team will be in booth 1402 and are happy to set up appointments for individual connections.

By Fara Gold

In our fast-paced world, resident families often feel sandwiched between generations of disparate needs from work demands, soccer practice for their kids to caring for their parents. Also, adult children and spouses of memory-impaired individuals worry and wonder, what their loved ones are doing all day.

Today, a simple, yet powerful, software solution, called Smile® from Carextech (a Senior Housing Forum partner) empowers community caregivers to showcase and share their residents’ lives with their loved ones.

  • Plan and create dynamic activity and events calendars

  • Share daily, weekly, and monthly event and activity calendars with families

  • Effectively document and analyze engagement at events and activities

  • Create a day-over-day, week-over-week journal of an individual’s activity participation and preferences

Families can add memories, long forgotten, into the Smile® integrated communications platform to help staff engage in meaningful conversations with residents to trigger memories and celebrate milestones.

Smile® offers a tangible solution for creating the peace-of-mind communities promise to offer, but, struggle to show or demonstrate. Personalized care is now truly personal with the effective tracking and data analytics showing patterns of activity participation. Smile® is a HIPPA compliant, SaaS (software as a service) senior living community calendar and events tool, with a resident activity tracker and family communications platform.  

Build Trust

Sending pictures and meaningful messages to families give them a real view into what is actually happening, in the day, in the life, of their loved one; when they aren’t there. And allows you to build trust in a meaningful way for families.

The Camera Never Lies

Carextech Smile® allows you to document resident experiences and activity engagement to share with families. Show how life in your community is vibrant and active.

Conversation Starters

Smile® offers families something to talk about when they visit and speak with their loved ones about their lives in the community.  

“Mom, I saw you went to the Spring Flower show today and you saw all the tulips in bloom. Tulips are your favorite flower. I remember when Dad always brought home to you a tulip bouquet the first sign of spring.”

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Family satisfaction and family referrals increase when they can tell and share the good news of their loved one’s activities and quality community experiences.  

“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.”  – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Email smile @ carextech.com or visit smileforseniorliving.com to learn more about this exciting resident engagement solution.

If you are attending Argentum 2018 in San Diego, the Smile team will be in booth 1402 and are happy to set up appointments for individual connections.

You can check out what they do at Smile™ Technology Platform by CarexTech, a Senior Housing Forum Partner.

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