Once and a while something comes along that is both purposeful and exciting and bears the necessity of sharing.

By Leslie Quintanar

I don’t typically push products or services in senior living. There are so many vendors and products out there that it would be tough to highlight them all; so many have made an impact on those we serve in the senior industry.

However, once and a while something comes along that is both purposeful and exciting and bears the necessity of sharing. Such is the case with the Jamber ceramic cup. And of course, there is a great story that led to their invention.

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

Some time ago, Allan and his wife were visiting his grandfather in his AL home and noticed he was having a tough time using the traditional teacup. From there the idea for the Jamber cup was born; and after 100+ iterations the cup emerged as a functional, yet still stylish option for those who may struggle with those smaller, less ergonomically correct cups.  

Allan, an engineer by trade, and his wife, a graduate of Harvard with a chemistry degree, have been busy raising awareness of their fantastic new product and I had the opportunity to meet them when they attended an event at one of the communities I oversee. We are launching a café and it was a great opportunity to have them present and to use their cups for the hot offerings. It was a hit; residents and guests alike commented on the comfort and ease of use of the cup. We’ll be keeping a stock of them in the café and giving them to our residents as a gift; I have no doubt they will be put to good use.

The Heart of the Story

What I loved about their story, though, is that they saw a need and instead of glossing over it for much more “important” issues, they decided to do something. In a society that is aging exponentially yet still guilty of an apathetic view of the senior population, it is always refreshing to meet those who see the opportunity to make a difference and to challenge how it’s always been done. It was really nice to see their excitement for their product, willingness to engage with our residents, and their desire to see something grow that has the potential to impact so many.

If you are a senior operator or owner on the lookout for innovative products, I urge you to check them out. They were at Argentum this year and in case you missed them you can find more information on their website. And if you have the opportunity to meet this fresh-faced, lovely couple, I think you’ll agree that it’s great to meet fellow laborers in the senior living realm who are passionate about changing the landscape of our beloved industry.

Bravo Allan and Diana Arseneau! I’m raising my Jamber cup to both of you!