By Rachel Hill

Do you dread opening your inbox in the morning? Not because you hate your job or you don’t want to respond to your team or potential new business, but because you just don’t know where to start? Fear not! We’re here to share some tactics to help take back control of your workday!


I recently came across this fantastic advice from The Minimalist and found it super helpful! 

Start tackling your inbox as if it were a physical pile of mail on your desk. Deal with the high priority first, then move on to each lower tier until you have either responded to or deleted all your current mail in your inbox! Bonus points if you throw on some fun music or a podcast and enjoy your coffee while doing so.

Minimalists clip.


The No-Piles Rule.

♬ original sound – The Minimalists

Focus on ONE Task at a Time

We all love to say we’re “great multitaskers,” am I right?! But if we’re being honest with ourselves, if we’re juggling a bunch of balls in the air, one of them is bound to drop. So drill down on one task, and be present in that task.

For instance, don’t be on a call and trying to respond to an email — or look over your budget while trying to plan out the agenda of your next team meeting. Much like having too many tabs open on your web browser, working on multiple things at once creates sensory overload.

Picture watching Netflix while scrolling on your phone and responding to notifications on your Apple Watch. Imagine what’s happening in your brain at that moment!

Schedule Time for Yourself

Whether it’s a workout, taking a moment to breathe, calling a friend, or reading a few pages of a book, take time to do something that will fill you up. While it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to give yourself to others, if you’re depleted and have nothing left to give, then you’re certainly not showing up your best for those around you.

Just like your calendar is full of work meetings, make sure you have some time on it for a “one-on-one” meeting with yourself, to make sure you’re hitting your goals, feeling fulfilled, and continuing to serve in your role with the same passion you started with!