By Rachel Hill

Sitting at my dining room table as I type on my laptop surrounded by the clutter of post-Christmas chaos, I honestly cannot believe that we started this vertical here at Foresight all the way back in May of this year!

I remember being at our team meeting and sheepishly suggesting that we start a segment talking about mental health based on the personal experience I had after struggling following the passing of my parents within a few years of one another. And while the team was more than receptive, there was still the question of how would this work and who would it help.

Well, I’m happy to say that as we head into 2023, the discussion around mental health here at Foresight is still going strong. And while there’s still so much ground to cover in this area (we’ll get there) in the new year, here’s what we’ve uncovered so far by beginning the discussion around our mental health.

Opening the Floodgates

Little did we know that starting this discussion would create this ripple effect of others being kind enough to share with us their own mental health journeys — and write about the even bigger topic of the mental health of our workforce and how we can improve upon this area. We know that it’s so important to provide resources for our frontline employees. And several team members and guest contributors have added to the conversation with their own articles!

Quiet Quitting — a Layered Concept 

As Foresight team member Rebecca Weissmann shared, If you are thinking about quiet quitting, or are already engaging in it, you need to get out.” There is this stereotype that millennials don’t want to work, but the truth is, if we dig deeper, it’s more about the environment that leadership has created — one where their team cannot thrive — that has created the real problem. So if you are in leadership yourself:

  • Do you listen to your team?
  • Do you provide action to problems rather than just lip service?
  • Do you value all input in your organization?
  • Do you engage in two-way communication with your team?

Smoke and Mirrors 

Social media is A LOT of fluff! By far one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned this year is that the holidays are not always quite the Hallmark picture that society likes to create. There’s pain and loss and the arduous task of evolving and creating new traditions as family dynamics change.

The whole reason I chose to share my experience is that at my core, I believe that no one should suffer in silence. I was in pain and embarrassed by that pain, so I didn’t talk about it, and that made me feel even more alone.

Wellness Wednesday is becoming a community and a movement, and we at Foresight are so thrilled to have you be a part of it!

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