Using Video can be a hugely powerful way to market your community. Here is an example and a “how to”.

to provide context for this article start with this very fun 2 minute video that came out of Belvedare of Westlake Assisted Living.

Boring Videos ( No, not the one above)

It doesn’t happen often but occasionally as I browse senior living community websites I  see an embedded video or link to a video about that community.  Most of them are slick, professionally produced videos, that show the common areas, the dining room, some activities, resident rooms and almost always the community bus. I would never do a video like this for the following reasons:

  • They are always boring because, for the most part, you could take one community name off the video and add another and it wouldn’t make much difference.
  • They are costly to produce.
  • They don’t get watched very much because they are boring.
  • They ultimately don’t help you market your building.

Happy Video

This is a brilliant video for a bunch of reasons:

  1. It was fun and entertaining.  You can’t help but smile when you watch it
  2. The cost to produce was nothing, or close to it
  3. It got essentially every single resident involved in something fun and meaningful
  4. It it got staff involved
  5. It gave family members hope (I assume)

Making Video Work For Your Community

I don’t know this senior community and I don’t know what, exactly, they have done to get people to watch it.  I do know that, according to YouTube, it has been watched more than 4,500 times which means they did something right.  These kinds of videos can be red hot marketing tools.  Here is how I would use it:

  • I would put it on the front page of the community website
  • I would send an email to everyone on my prospect, resident, vendor and influencer list with a link to the video or, even better, with the video embedded in the email.
  • I would put it on my Community Facebook site.
  • I would made DVD copies to give to prospects.
  • I would solicit ideas on all of my social platforms for the next video project.

Have you done a video like this? How have you used it to promote your senor living community? Steve Moran

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