takes a hard look at the ProPublica/FrontLine A C Thompson agenda laden attack on Emeritus Senior Living and the Assisted Living Industry.

On December 1, 2013 Town Hall published a multi-part article titled: Frontline/ProPublica’s Misguided Attack on The Assisted Living Industry

This series is a much more in-depth look at the issues I raised in my article What AC Thompson Got Wrong About Assisted Living.  It is refreshing to see someone do a much more in-depth investigation of the so called investigation of assisted living.

The series focuses on these four questions:

  1. “Why did the entire series focus only on Emeritus? Was there any focus on the rest of the Assisted Living industry and/or comparison to home health care?”
  2. “Why was the data so dated? All references were to 2008 and 2009 with only one from 2010. This industry has been evolving for 30 years, but the study was using four-to-five-year-old data.”
  3. “Why were no regulators mentioned in either the show or the publication? There are state regulators in all 50 states, but none were referenced.”
  4. “Why in all cases — the show, the interviews on the Frontline website and the ProPublica column — was there so much focus on federal regulation? There is none at this time.”

Some Highlights:

“With no evidence to back it up, Thompson writes ‘For assisted living chains such as Emeritus, there is a powerful business incentive to boost occupancy rate and to take in sicker patients, who can be charged more.’”

With respect to targeting only Emeritus Senior Living:  “In fact, we found that apparently Thompson looked nowhere else. (We had an interview scheduled with Thompson which he cancelled. We submitted him 15 written questions which he did not answer.”

“. . . Thompson did not interview anyone from the California regulatory agency about Emeritus or request documents for any other Assisted Living companies.” We applaud this serious look at something that was a serious campaign against a single company masked as serious reporting and look forward to part 2.   Steve Moran

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