A cheesy or good Thanksgiving post, I am thinking maybe cheesy, but you be the judge.

 These things can be either really good or really cheesy.  Here is my best shot.  

  • Last year on Thanksgiving evening the Senior Housing Forum website totally crashed and I spent most of Thanksgiving morning trying to get it up and going.  It crashed because of too much traffic for the hosting plan I had and so I was even grateful for the crash.
  • I am grateful to all the new readers over the past year.  Our traffic has more than doubled.
  • I am sorry . . . sort of  . . . for the people I made so mad they vowed to never visit Senior Housing Forum again (mostly over my article titled “Nursing Homes a National Disgrace).
  • I am even more grateful for those of you who thought that article and others sucked, then took the time to say so and dialog about it.
  • I am grateful to those of you who find my typo’s (including my father) and send them to me.
  • I am profoundly humbled by the amount of time a number of senior living leaders have spent talking to me about their big ideas for helping seniors have amazing lives to the very end.
  • When I ended up in the hospital I was profoundly thankful to my fellow writers and bloggers who sent me emails asking what they could do to help me keep things going while I was laid up.
  • So many of you have sent me emails expressing thanks for the topics we cover.  Each of those emails are a precious gift.
  • So much of the growth we have had this year was made possible by our partners and I hope you will check out what they are doing to improve the lives of seniors.
  • Finally I appreciate all of those of you who have provided guest articles.  I need a break from time to time and just reading only what I have to say and think becomes boring.

That’s it . . . . almost. . . my request for two favors:

  • No matter what it is or how brutal it is, If you see something we could be doing better I want to hear about it.
  • We are looking forward to 2014 (I think I am supposed to save saying that until New Years . . . but oh well) and I am planning on expanding the amount of content and the more readers we have the easier it is to make that happen.

I would really appreciate your inviting just one person (but 50 would be ok too) to check out Senior Housing Forum. Have a Great Thanksgiving, no new posts for Thursday and maybe Friday, but we will be back at it with some great stuff next week including an interview with nationally known highly regarded writer Sally Abrams. Steve Moran