By Steve Moran

Let’s just start with the video:


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I know it’s not caregiving or senior living, but honestly, watching this broke my heart. My first thought was I wonder what a caregiver in senior living would say in a TikTok about their compensation and the struggles they have to pay their bills.

Think About It This Way

Until watching this TikTok, I had never quite thought about it this way. But what if we were to poll every care worker, every frontline senior living worker (which means we expand to housekeeping and dining services, maybe even life enrichment?) How many of them do not struggle each month to pay their bills and end up having to “do without” or make hard choices that deny their kids things they want, or worse, need?

Our Biggest Achilles Heel

We tend to believe that if we can just figure out what boomers want in senior living we will be all set. It’s an important and critical question. But if we can’t find workers or can’t afford them, knowing the right formula for boomers will have zero value at all.

I do know the very first step to figuring this out is figuring out how to make workers love coming to work in senior living every day.

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