By Susan Saldibar

People like me are slowing down your sales cycle and keeping your occupancy down.

I was your prospect a couple years ago. I was looking into assisted living for my mom. It took my siblings and me over a year and a half to empty her house and get it ready to sell.

At one point I remember saying to my sister, “I wish someone would just tilt the house on end and shake everything out.” Instead, we kept on with our work, ultimately producing a house that, like us, had grown empty and sad.

My mom actually passed away before we began this process. So I can’t imagine what we would have done if we had to do it all while transitioning her to an assisted living community.

Actually, I do know. We would have called Mom’s House (a Foresight partner).

Simple Solution

One of their senior transition specialists (believe me, not your typical transition specialists) would have:

  • Come in, given us a hug (these guys really, really care), and listened to us talk about our mom
  • Helped us work through our emotional and logistic issues (because they’ve been there themselves)
  • Offered to arrange any special services we wanted (like a collector to purchase my mom’s old Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra LPs)
  • Given us a fair market offer for the house, no commission, no fees
  • Taken us off the hook from removing anything we didn’t feel like removing (and it was a lot)
  • Freed us from an emotionally and physically draining process
  • Unlocked the equity in the house, allowing my mom to move in weeks, not months!

Finding the Lost Market

Why is this important? Because people like me represent over 50% of your prospective senior living residents. 

So add up all the extra months it takes to convert those prospects into residents if you convert them at all. Do the math.

Maybe that’s where a lot of your occupancy is going.

I learned all this after speaking with the two amazing people who founded Mom’s House: Ben Rao and Phillip Vincent. They have been helping families of prospective residents transition out of their homes and into yours for over 11 years. They have developed the nation’s largest network of senior transition specialists, with coverage in major cities and suburbs all over the U.S. 

And people just love them.

Pain-Free Transition

Have a look at their website and you’ll see all the accolades they’ve accumulated, most from people who are amazed at how quickly they were able to turn their houses into equity and get their loved ones safely transitioned to senior living.

And now they are ready to put their time-tested talents to work, scot-free, for you and your sales team.

A few things to know about Mom’s House:

  • They are not realtors, although they have deep knowledge of real estate. 
  • They are not “iBuyers”; in fact, they call themselves the anti-iBuyers. They have plenty of stories about those “I’ll buy any house” guys who use bait-and-switch tactics to get people to see cheaper and cheaper.
  • All of these are the “sharks,” as Ben and Phillip refer to them. And it’s why they got in this business in the first place.

Every member of their team is hired for what Phillip calls their “heart condition.” They absolutely must have a heart for helping—have an innate curiosity, love people, and be tenacious in solving their problems. Their number one goal is to get these people into environments where they are no longer alone, isolated, and in unsafe living conditions.

A Simpler Solution

Rewind this and imagine that you had partnered with Mom’s House to help those prospects who are going through what I went through (probably even worse)? 

  • Suddenly those leads lying dormant while you wait for them to sell a house would start coming back to life. 
  • The Mom’s House team would be in touch with your sales team during the entire process. 
  • One of your sales counselors would have been included on the first call or visit, if local.
  • You’d see your sales cycle getting shorter. 
  • You’d start building back more of your occupancy.
  • And you’d be partnering with folks who really, really care about the people they’re serving.

This brings us back to the present. 

What are your sales counselors telling people like me? Are they handing them over to a realtor? A bridge loan provider? Or a “transition specialist” who just shuttles them off to other “specialists”? How is that working for you? 

That’s why I’m really stoked to say that Mom’s House, already enjoying success with their direct-to-consumer, is now ready to step in and help your prospects who need to use the equity in their home to pay for your community.

What kind of issues would working with Mom’s House solve for your occupancy?

Maybe it’s time to find out. Give them a call at (816) 744-0244, or visit them online. Their service is responsive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and free.