By Susan Saldibar

Are we on the edge of a senior revolt?

Maybe we should be. Maybe it would shake us up a bit. Especially when I see all these photos on senior living websites of residents engaged in foolish activities, the most recent being paper torches to celebrate the Olympics. They were everywhere! The idea of my mom standing and holding a floppy paper torch makes me cringe.

Something’s Gotta Give, Right?

Because, unlike a few decades ago, seniors now have more choices. The question is, what choices are you giving them?

Here’s an idea worth tearing up a few paper torches for. How about providing live, streaming lectures on topics like “Four Films That Changed America” or “A Sinatra Centennial: What Made Ol’ Blue Eyes Great?” And why stop there? Follow it up with a live Q&A so everyone can participate? Then archive the whole thing for those folks who missed it.

Which Would You Rather?

The answer should be obvious. I know it was for residents of senior living communities who had privately tuned into One Day University’s live-streaming lectures delivered by world-renowned professors. Because it was they who begged One Day University (a Foresight partner) to bring their streaming service to their communities. And One Day University was happy to deliver.

Flash forward, and One Day University streaming lectures are still crushing it with the over-65 crowd.

Want to know what the top 10 topics of 2021 were, for people in that age group? I did. So I’ve listed them below. (But a better idea is to use their month-long free trial for SLF readers to check them out yourself. No coupon code needed!)

  • 8 Books That Changed the World, Joseph Luzzi / Bard College (Bonus for Foresight readers: Watch this lecture—the No. 1 most popular—for free, here!)
  • Hamilton Vs. Jefferson: The Rivalry That Shaped America, Louis Masur / Rutgers University
  • An Evening With Leonardo da Vinci, Kenneth Bartlett / University of Toronto
  • Four Memorable Musicals That Changed Broadway, Sean Hartley / Kaufman Music Center
  • Understanding Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It, Thad Polk / University of Michigan
  • A Sinatra Centennial: What Made Ol’ Blue Eyes Great?, Anna Celenza / Georgetown University
  • 6000 Years of Religion (in 60 Minutes), Sol Gittleman / Tufts University
  • The Art of Aging: A Prescription for Mind and Body, Brian Carpenter / Washington University in St. Louis
  • Beethoven and The Beatles: Hearing the Connection, Michael Alec Rose / Vanderbilt University
  • Four Films That Changed America: The Jazz Singer, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang, The Graduate, and Easy Rider, Marc Lapadula / Yale University

These are great topics. I’d be interested in all of them. Wouldn’t you?

Being Different

And wouldn’t it say something about a community offering these lectures to residents? Because those continuing to provide stale, childish programming only gives seniors (like me) another reason to avoid them altogether.

Occupancy is down, staffing shortages are everywhere. Maybe the senior revolt I was talking about is already here. The question is what communities will do about it.

The good news is that One Day University is giving you a great opportunity to change up your programming and get something right for your residents, staff, and stakeholders. 

And it’s so easy. All you have to do is give their free trial a shot.

Want to stream the No. 1 most popular lecture, “8 Books That Changed the World,” for free? Click here! No login required.