By Rebecca Wiessmann

I’m about to take credit for something that totally isn’t mine. I recently came across an … almost … manifesto of sorts from a team member on what makes their company an amazing place to work. Here it is (lightly edited to remove identifying information):

1. Top-down respect and recognition.

a. “Being part of my organization” sounds more accurate than “working for my organization.”

b. We have autonomy and the freedom to explore ideas and creativity.

c. My leader and the team look for reasons to give kudos and don’t hesitate to share them.

2. Freedom, fun, and energy.

a. My leader is constantly learning and is radically open to new ideas. There is a sense of emotional safety in brainstorming, spitballing, and proposing.

b. When I’m working on something, I’m not thinking, “This might get through corporate,” or, “That’s too creative.” Instead, it’s more like, “My boss is gonna love this,” or, “My boss won’t care; I’ll do it how I think is best.”

c. My leader focuses on everyone’s strengths. Rather than pigeonholing us into specific roles, they let us shine in all kinds of ways.

d. You never know what tomorrow will bring. This job is never boring, and one idea may lead to a bevy of others.

3. Innovativeness.

a. We’re neither stodgy nor frenetic or flaky, because …

b. We get stuff done. While other companies are in a twist about not making a mistake, we go out and do the things.

c. At the same time, there are balances. The detail-oriented people are respected and heard, and we wait on some things so we can launch them with thought, power, and longevity.

4. Tight-knit, hard-working, wise team.

a. We are free to be ourselves, even if we drive our leader crazy sometimes. And they’ve amassed a team of people who are vastly different from them and one another — which builds organizational strength.

b. This team is hard-charging, dedicated, passionate, talented, and skilled — but also empathetic, thoughtful, and kind.

5. Personal sense of gratitude and (humbled) pride.

a. My organization is respected in the industry, and it’s not because we toe the line. I am proud to be part of this organization — which sometimes feels more akin to a movement.

b. We believe in being ethical and transparent and having integrity. Sometimes we have different viewpoints on specifics, but that’s OK; we all know that our hearts are in the right place, and we move forward.

6. Opportunity to influence. Because our organization is so respected and widely known, we can speak to an entire industry. It’s a responsibility I cherish, am grateful for, and take to heart.

The Reveal

I omitted the names of people and the company because I wanted you all to read that and think, “I want to work there!” Do you? Well, it turns out that this beautiful sentiment was written by our own managing editor, Leigh Ann Hubbard.

This isn’t meant to be a self-serving hype piece. It’s meant to be aspirational. We do have an amazing team, and we hear it often, both from within and from others in the industry. Don’t you want to work for an organization that makes you feel this way? Don’t you want to lead an organization that makes employees feel this way?