I recently realized the misconception of a contact center assisting a consumer with a bill versus the reality of an emotional conversation with a family member who could be dealing with a recent event is vastly different.

By Steve Moran

A few weeks ago I spent several days in the Dallas area meeting with a number of Senior Housing Forum partners. On my way home from an Abe’s Garden board meeting one of the coolest experiences was getting a chance to tour the RealPage senior living call center. After leaving RealPage I realized the misconception of a contact center assisting a consumer with a bill versus the reality of an emotional conversation with a family member who could be dealing with a recent event is vastly different. 

What I Don’t Get . . .

During the day sales professionals are touring with families, meeting with families off site, and reaching out with various senior living organizations. This leaves a whole bunch of time when prospects are calling and there is nothing but an answering machine, a receptionist or a care aid to answer.

What Makes It More Interesting

Here is what makes it more interesting and exciting for senior living operators:

  • 30% of prospect calls succeed with a scheduled tour at RealPage. It can be argued that ultimately those prospects eventually connect with a community, but then again maybe not?
  • According to Rentlinx.com, 80% of prospects who call do not leave a message and onsite staff miss 40-60% of leasing inquiries.
  • 55% of those same leasing inquiries never inquire again.

Those are extraordinary statistics and represent a significant opportunity to improve.

How the Whole Thing Works

How the whole thing works when utilizing RealPage’s senior living contact center as an extension of sales is having a virtual leasing center, open for business 24/7 by specifically hired team members who exhibit certain personality traits and or have personally experienced finding a senior living community for their senior. New team members spend four weeks in interactive training with curriculum strategically focused on the unique needs in the senior market with significant practical applications before taking solo calls, chats or emails. Ongoing training continues with mentoring, shops, and attributes. I was amazed to learn the average tenure of a RealPage Senior Agent is over 4 years . . . they feel like they make a difference and have a fun environment to work at.

Once going live each community receives toll free numbers for their advertising sources for proper lead attribution. This is key to understanding what advertising sources produce the best results and where to invest advertising dollars. When a toll free number is dialed, the community’s information displays giving the associate all the property information they need to personalize the conversation and book the tour. When a prospect’s visit is scheduled, their unique and relevant information is sent to the community so the community is prepared and provides an amazing onsite experience.

At the end of the day. . .

Communities are dealing with more competition, staff is meeting with families and investing in branding, websites and digital marketing. Creating the customer experience starts from the 1st call. Welcoming the prospect, listening and providing information about the community can create a great first impression.

Using the RealPage Contact Center is proven to be a game changing, cost effective, prospect engagement solution. Let one of their friendly experts customize a senior living solution to fit your needs. Contact sales at 1-888-493-6938 or check out their website by clicking on the logo button below:

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