iTacit is an ideal fit for the home care and hospice industries, as our software brings accountability, visibility and connectivity – all critical features when managing a mobile workforce.

By Susan Saldibar

It’s one thing to have excellent e-learning and training programs. But bringing them into today’s dynamic mobile-connected environment and transforming them into highly interactive online training courses requires a technology platform that is powerful, flexible and economical to run.

That is the rationale behind the newly minted partnership between iTacit, a Senior Housing Forum partner, a leading provider of cloud-based compliance, training and connectivity software for healthcare, and Home Care Institute (HCI), a leading provider of educational resources for the home health and hospice industries.

We caught up with Mike Sandrock, COO of iTacit to learn more about how the partnership helps tackle the challenges that face senior care organizations as they attempt to keep pace with a younger, more mobile workforce.  

“We are excited to be collaborating with a leader in the home care education field,” Mike said. “iTacit is an ideal fit for the home care and hospice industries, as our software brings accountability, visibility and connectivity  – all critical features when managing a mobile workforce.”

HCI’s president, Lu Post, shares Mike’s enthusiasm for the partnership. “Our clients don’t have time to integrate complex software, but they do understand the efficiencies that technology can bring to their businesses,” Lu remarked. “We were looking for a technology partner who could take our services to the next level,” he added. “iTacit is so much more than just another learning management system.  They have one of the best platforms I’ve seen in my 25-plus years in this business.”

Is this the ‘best of both worlds’ for home and hospice care communities?

By all accounts it would appear to be. The HCI library of online training courses is currently being used by thousands of organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Through the partnership, HCI will integrate its course content with iTacit’s cutting edge onboarding and training automation systems. Users can access training anytime and anywhere, expediting onboarding and on-going education. And, iTacit’s clients will benefit by having access to HCI’s expansive library of course content. 

Furthermore, this move demonstrates a commitment by both companies to raise the bar on education and training programs to a new level, supporting today’s healthcare workers in a way that is both convenient to their schedules and easy to access online.

The partnership also extends iTacit’s presence in the U.S. to the home care and hospice sector. HCI clients will benefit from iTacit’s cloud-based software, which cost-effectively delivers and tracks training. Clearly this is a win-win for iTacit and HCI as well as the senior care industry as a whole.

Kudos to iTacit, HCI and their teams for bringing together the best of both worlds in the online delivery of high quality educational content, ideal for today’s highly mobile workers.