An upcoming webinar co-hosted by G5 and Senior Housing Forum, will delve into this staffing “Armageddon”, the anticipation of which is keeping industry leaders awake at night.

By Susan Saldibar

In ten years, baby boomers will begin to turn 80 years old. That means the generation that has been caring for their aging parents is about to “come of age” themselves. It’s tempting to add a “hahaha”. But, come to think of it, it’s no laughing matter.

That’s because the other shoe waiting to drop (or maybe it already has) is an epic caregiver shortage, on track to grow steadily over the next 20 years. So, put those two realities together and you get an industry in flux, ill-prepared to make the adjustments necessary to compete in a brand new game, with a new set of rules.

Do you have what it takes to transform your community to attract good talent?

G5 (a Senior Housing Forum partner) has been conducting their own research and analysis into this shifting landscape. An upcoming webinar, “Using Your Lead Gen Machine to Attract the Very Best Team Members”, co-hosted by G5 and Senior Housing Forum, will delve into this staffing “Armageddon”, the anticipation of which is keeping industry leaders awake at night. The webinar will look at how senior housing operators can put together the pieces to attract, nurture and develop a new kind of lead: prospective employees.

I caught up with G5’s Katie Gibson, Director of Demand Generation, who shared with me some thoughts as to what operators can be doing right now to better prepare. Here are a few:

  • Foster an authentic culture transformation, from top down. Much has been written about the need to engage and empower young employees to grow and thrive. But it can’t happen in environments that remain tied to old ways. These kinds of changes need to start at the very top. And they don’t happen overnight. So, the sooner you begin, the better.

  • Get better at telling your stories. Those stories should not only reflect the lives of the residents, but also the lives of the employees. Everyone needs to have their voice amplified in a meaningful way. Stories such as “Why I work here” in addition to resident stories can say a lot about your community.

  • Calibrate your digital marketing platform to gather prospective employee leads. That means building an SEO-optimized career page to capture job-seeking-related searches and adapting your digital marketing methods to, not only attract prospective residents to your website, but also to target career-minded visitors.

But isn’t “Armageddon” a bit of a stretch for what’s happening?

Who knows exactly how the next five to ten years will pan out? Will you be one of those who actively seeks innovative ways to build a culture that attracts fresh talent? Will you upgrade your technology to include an infrastructure that helps you expand and grow?

Or will you continue to wait and see? Yes, maybe Armageddon is a strong word to describe the impending staff shortage and tidal wave of aging baby boomers. But do you really want to risk doing nothing and waiting around to find out?

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