By Kent Mulkey

Like many of you, of late I have been reflecting on the past year — lessons, successes, mistakes, et al. I feel blessed.

I was fired from a job in senior living, which set me free to pursue some dreams and further fulfill my goals in serving senior adults.

The job I was in was eating away at my body and soul. I was near the breaking point. I dreaded getting up in the morning and going to work at a community that was burdened with a ton of extra regulatory requirements, a probationary license, and more work than was humanly possible.

My company did me a huge favor in letting me go. I was the scapegoat for the mess we were in. But I was too scared, thinking about what was ahead, to quit and move forward.

No matter, in 2024 I am as passionate and committed as ever, perhaps more so, to work alongside older adults. Here’s why. You may be able to relate to and share some of these ideas:

  • It is still true that we are serving the greatest generation, our population in their 80s and 90s.
  • No matter the audience, it is highly satisfying to serve the needs and wants of others. In 2024 I am embarking on a new journey to elevate the lives of seniors.
  • It is not real “sexy” to be in senior living, but I see that I have an enormous opportunity to bring validity to and further legitimize our industry.
  • The opportunity for growth on a career path will only become more robust. I am excited for the chance to build into and help grow the lives of young leaders. To make people better. In the end, it is not about me.
  • In my work as a consultant to senior living communities, we are seeing a new and young population of adults who are eager to work in senior living. Encouraging stuff, for sure.

As you embark on the journey in 2024, think about the impact YOU want to make in the lives of older adults. Your mission and vision will carry you through, even through the rough spots.