By MaryLee Herrmann

You might not see it, but your organization is wasting money. 

You can do something about it. 

It involves your HR technology and the other 80%

Attention-Getting Tech

Me before owning a smartwatch: 

Wow, smartwatch, you sure are shiny and bright!

Smartwatch: If you buy me, your life will be changed. 

Me: Will I be more productive … save time and money … have all areas of my life enriched? 

Smartwatch: Yes.

Me owning a smartwatch: 

What time is it? What’s the high today?

Smartwatch: It’s five minutes after the last time you asked. The high will still be 78. Don’t you want to know anything else? 

Me: Nah, I’m good. 

Smartwatch: Shakes shiny face in frustration.

Sound familiar? Like the bright, shiny HR system you’re using, or rather, not using to its full potential?

You thought it would be life-changing and and save money and time. And it could! But you have to be diving deep, not just using a few superficial features.

On a recent episode of Tech Tuesday, Brett Landrum, founder and co-CEO of Procare HR, (a Foresight partner) said that most operators miss out on 80% of their tech’s functionality. What a waste!

Time to Go Deep

The largest issue isn’t that operators aren’t bringing in innovative systems, it’s that they aren’t using them to their full capacity. 

Wonder if you are getting the most out of your HR platform? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does everyone at all levels throughout the company know how to use it — all of it? How was the onboarding? 
  2. Are we only using it for the basics, like payroll and benefits (like using a smartwatch for only time and weather)? 
  3. Do we have so many technologies for different areas that we aren’t fully using any of them? Or, at the other extreme, do we have all our eggs in one basket and so our levels of use are all over the place?

The other 80%

Back to question 2: If your answer is yes, here are a few other uses you might want to look into:

  • Succession planning
  • Dashboard to tell leaders how they’re doing on their KPIs
  • Industry-specific scheduling*
  • Applicant tracking*

A thoroughly effective HR system contributes to a happy staff, which leads to happy residents and boosts employee retention — all of which Procare HR is invested in, as a PEO.

(A PEO is a professional employer organization, meaning they’re a co-employer with the operator. Learn more about this arrangement in this video, starting at 17:00.)

*Don’t Slack on These!

There are two functions in particular that Brett says you cannot compromise on, when it comes to quality: 

*Industry-specific scheduler. Settle here, and you are not going to capture all the labor savings you could.

*Applicant tracking. You are going to have higher labor costs if, for example, you have 1,000 employees, a less than proficient applicant tracker, and high turnover.

Keeping Up With Your HR tech

It takes a lot of resources to “go deep” — and to stay current on new technology. Outsourcing your HR to an integrated partner is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of all your systems. 

To learn more, check out Procare HR’s guide How Senior Living can Benefit from an HR Partner.”

In the meantime, I’m going to Facetime my nephew on my smartwatch since apparently my watch does that.